The creation of the world

That one is believer or not, it is well to read the Lamb's Book of Life in its entirety, and concerning the creation of the world, its chapter 17. Because it elevates progressively this one who reads it and answers the questions that one wonders on the Universe, on the celestial spirit which lives in it and by which one exists, as on the world, on Man and his destiny. But this chapter 17 which explains the creation of the world (the creation of the Earth, its origin) is only understandable with the precedents, and especially the following which proves its reality.

Conception and creation of the world

(1) During my ascent in the sky, I saw that men were created at the beginning of the quaternary era. Afterward, on this long road which led me to meet my brother, I examined them with a particular attention. And I saw that whatever were their country and their color, all had in them the rules of life of the humanity revealed by the circumcision of their heart. I also saw that these rules were written in the law of Moses which many transgressed getting lost and condemning the world. Misfortune, I said to myself, because they believe firmly that they are the most intelligent men today whom the Earth ever carried! You thus have to make them go back up to their origin, so they can see how much it cost them to obey for a long time to these goats which regulate their life and their thoughts.

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The spirit of group

(2) To grasp the beginnings of the terrestrial world, it is necessary to know it exists since always as many inhabited earths in the sky as there are stars, and that worlds are all connected between them by the matter which composes space, and from which the celestial bodies form themselves. Don’t thus imagine any more the intersidereal space (between celestial bodies) and intergalactic (between the galaxies) without matter. Imagine it instead completely established by this ethereal and subtle matter (the essence) from which celestial bodies form and are renewed, by being all connected. So, you will be well prepared to understand following the subsequent explanation.

(3) It is also necessary to know that the waves are vibrations of the matter, and if some of them propagate to the space, it’s thanks to this essence which composes this last one. Now, from all living beings emanate waves, in particular those who form the human thoughts. The spirit is the thought that comes from self and which rises for make place to other thoughts which at turn rise, thus creating a current of thoughts in self and beside self. It is indeed necessary that the thought evaporates so that it can be constantly renewed. The spirit thus emanates constantly from man, as a perfume. And it can merge with other similar spirits to form only one and greater then so called, spirit of group.

(4) One person alone and isolated can think and reflect quietly, while she can’t do it any more in the middle of a dense crowd which seized his mind. We can compare this crowd with a fire that sucks up the small flames from which it is constituted, or to a group which absorbs all those who constitute it. A spirit thus formed is a gregarious spirit which can change a multitude to one organism, as it appears with a pack of dogs which hunt together, or through a shoal of fish that move as one, or flock of birds which evolve in the sky as a unique and single body, or in the multitude of fireflies which light up and go out at the same time. This can be seen also with the other beings when grouped and squeezed together, form likewise a single body and a single guiding spirit which all obey. This gregarious form of things and beings is generally in the universe, because everything that exists is so composed.

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The celestial spirit

(5) What is the relationship of these phenomena of the group spirit with the world of God? Behold: as the spirit arises from men, it also arises from a crowd, a city, people, and all peoples of the Earth and all earths of heaven. And stars have a breath which propagates in space this spirit which arises from earths they light and of worlds found there, so that all these added and mixed spirit merge into one in the whole universe. Unlimited intelligence and greatness, he is the eternal spirit of the Almighty, this spirit which creates a living world on every new Earth. Because life located in the interior of beings doesn’t come from beings but from outside, and from the whole universe necessarily! It is from the breath of God which exists and spreads everywhere.

(6) Thus we see, and similarly to a small grouped lights which merge into one great light, spirits of men merge and form an immense gregarious spirit which rises in the ether. It appears that all celestial bodies of the universe evolve within the celestial spirit and while, although unique, this big spirit is the sum of the spirit of the angels who are the most numerous human beings of the universe. They exist of eternity, because God and the angels are one. That is why the angels can identified themselves to God only. Jesus explains when he says that he is within the Father and whom the Father is within him; because the saints of mind are the abodes of God. Don’t thus see a mystery in the resurrection of the dead taking place by the Son today that changes the spirit of man into the spirit of angel. It is for this reason that God says in the genesis:

My spirit will not contend with humans for ever, for they are mortal, their days will be a hundred and twenty years.

This is because man’s time is short. It lasts only a short in individuality and ten thousand years in the sense of the humanity. After which man gets enlightened, his spirit changes and becomes an angel, otherwise he disappears.

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Forming of beings

(7) To grasp our own existence on this Earth and dissipate the darkness, be aware that the creation of vegetables, animals and men is fruit of willpower. Indeed, because no creature can result from its own initiative since the Sun shines and since the Earth has water, it necessarily took at first an initiative from which the world was created. The initiative always arises from a willingness and a will of the spirit, this spirit, which exists from all eternity and which created the world, it’s God.

(8) Not being born next to the universe but within, our own existence proves formally that God’s universe is alive. Because I say again that we can’t be alive in a universe which wouldn’t be alive itself.

(9) But, when we open our eyes to reality, we see that scholars are very far from the truth. Aren’t they aware that before the Sun began to shine, it was a star in preparation, as Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune? Although they are not aware and don’t know that the Earth was pushed away from its place when the Sun lit up, and when it did its coming and going which are the origin of eras, nevertheless they continue to say that they know perfectly well what was origin of the world... So, they don’t hesitate to say that all beings were marine at first and that, along eras, they gradually emerged from sea thanks to the change of their body which allowed them to live on the dry land... Others add, that after this, some of the terrestrial creatures were disappointed and became again marine...

(10) Certainly, living creatures are formed from liquid water and mineral substances that are dissolved, but this happen as well in water basins as on earth! Does it seem to you that it would be easier for a fish to catch feet and nose then to go out of the sea where it was formed, instead of staying in the water, or to water to do it by means of rains and to produce human beings on land surfaces? Why thus only sea water would produce beings and not the one who is part of streams, lakes, ponds, marshes, and other wet areas where similarly the mineral salts are dissolving? Would there be some scientific hindrances?

(11) Verily I say unto you, the beings of this world and the worlds of the sky are thought and known since ever. That is why, they are composed from what exists in their original environment, marine or terrestrial, in order to live and multiply. No being can thus leave its environment with it forms body. Not only there is no reason to leave it, but it can not have means to do so.

(12) No, each species has its function in the world which God builds and that he keeps. It is for this reason that no species were modified in the time, by adaptation of this species to an environment different from its origin and which would have been necessarily hostile to it. You think that it was so, however, because of the scientist who see evolving a creature in the time, like cloud passing in the sky by changing constantly shape... Nevertheless, if the first creatures had become the following ones and those we know today, would it not be necessary that they should pass through a long singular and incomprehensible moments, lying between the species which they left and the one that they would become?

(13) If thus, and how it is claimed by the scientists, a seaweed chosen by the chance was progressively transformed into osseous fish which, not being able to stay in the water anymore, would gradually changed in terrestrial rodent, then into the average monkey and, in last, into a great scientist, what would then be the number of unknown forms of this creature during its long evolution which made it pass by all these sorts? Such as the changeable forms of a cloud, this number is necessarily unlimited...

(14) If thus there is continual transformation of the species in other species, why then on the chain of the creatures evolution we only find the traces of known beings, and no traces of the uncountable intermediate creatures which are in between? These intermediate and always different creatures which left no traces of their prints and their bones, are they invisible between-species? These are the missing links! answer the scientists, without taking time to notice that the links of a chain do leave their imprints on the ground before the rust accomplishes its work.

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The construction of the world

(15) The observation of the previous or contemporary beings obviously shows that the species were created as they are, in response to the offered life conditions, and that none of them is transformist or had ancestors like it. All of them were created as we know them, one after another, from what existed in their day, in their era, and according to what their world was offering at the time. This was like so since the precambrian to the quaternary in which we are.

(16) Listen to me! Existing from eternity, God knows since always the worlds that he creates even before creating them. That is why, when he conceives and gives form to a species, he creates it according to what exists that day and all that would exist after that. He thus arms the creature to feed on what exists in the day that he creates it, and provide it with natural defence to defend itself from predators that will come next.

(17) Listen carefully, because this world isn’t the first of worlds of the sky, but a world among the worlds that exist around stars. God builds the world so that humanity come and be his temple where he lives. God builds the world as a man builds his house, which always has a resemblances to those that precede and those that succeed. As the man knows his house before building it, God knows the world which he builds prior beginning his works. When a man builds his house, he doesn’t change the foundations into walls, nor walls into frame and into roof which would rest on nothing. God does the same. He doesn’t change the shape of the species he created, and which have a precise function, in other species until the man is. As you build your house, God builds his own at his image.

(18) Do you understand everything I say? I say that creatures are thought and that, to survive, they are made according to what exists in their day and of what will exist after them. They are created according to an order in which each finds its function and its reason for being such as it is. It is indeed their function in the world which determines in advance their morphology, their metabolism and their capacities. As you make a window according to its role pre-established in the house and the existing materials, the Creator creates a being likewise.

(19) God is perfect, and all he conceives and creates is perfect. That is why God pulls from its natural environment the being corresponding to this environment. A fish, a bird is thus a perfect being. And because it is perfect, this creature then can live and perpetuate its species. Now, what is perfect is finished, completed, and can’t be modified by the inside nor from the outside; otherwise this perfection goes away and takes the being with more or less time to live. Do you understand?

(20) Always remember that the natural environment of a creature from which it is drawn from makes only one. If thus the natural environment of a creature changes, this creature, which is a being finished from its forming, can’t be transformed to follow the movement. On the contrary, it undergoes the consequences and disappears. Another one is then created according to the new conditions of life. So see that the forms, the attributes and the capacities of a creature are given to it from the outside by the spirit, according to the environment where it is pulled to live there.

(21) Given this evidence, we must no longer say that a plant or an animal equipped themself of attributes, or that it developed some strategy to adapt itself to new conditions of life. No, think rather that it was formed such as it is, so that it remains permanently in its natural environment. Therefore, no longer assert that nature has power because, the only power available to it, is that to keep its original character to remain.

(22) Attempt rather to see that beings are thoughtful compositions, thought and created by God in the original order with which are connected all the species. Also see that when a species was formed in a definite environment, it enriched of so much that environment by its presence from which the following species was created, by being very often predatory of the previous one. Hear here that the creature is always the just answer, and the sum of what exists in the environment where it is made.

(23) So, from compositions to new compositions, we come to man which is the sum of all. He is thus placed at the top of the creation, because he carries necessarily in him all that the other gathered creatures carry in them. Being last-born on Earth, man is the heir of all beings which preceded him. He isn’t thus a species as the others, because he isn’t the foundation, wall or structure or roof, as are species in their kind, he is instead the whole house in which God lives. Nothing else could be thus created after man who is necessarily the greatest being that can exist. Here or elsewhere, he is always the representative of the Divinity.

(24) The Earth is one of the uncountable gardens of heaven which, from water, minerals and the climate changes, that has been continuously enriched by new species until man shows up. It is thus clear that without vegetables and animals which preceded Adam and Eve, they could not have been be created. It is for they dominate over everything, that God gave them a body that stands up; because standing up, means domination. That is why the animals which move face against earth fears man, that is because they feel that he is as God. Therefore the more an animal is intelligent the more it is afraid of man, and it willingly submits itself to him, because it feels and understand better than the other animals what has been said.

(25) The study of the climatic changes, consecutive to the comings and goings that the Earth did in front of the Sun, will show more clearly that the plant species, animal or human, have never been the object of a change to their morphology or capacities, but that they were created according to their kind, according to what existed at their time, and such as we know them. Nothing has changed in them. Then stop pretending that a man is an animal like others, that he walked formerly on four legs and that he exceptionally stood up along ages, because that doesn’t make resplendent of intelligence those who assert it, nor cover them of dignity. No, the study of celestial bodies will show us the certainty that man was created in four colors, not long ago, and such as he is nowadays.

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The differences between creatures

(26) We shall also demonstrate that there has never been continental drift, but only the formation of these by changing ground temperature which made them emerge where they are now. These important changes in temperature of the ground, the water and the air which occurred throughout the eras and which also determine the climate, means that everything was different since the beginnings until now. Consequently, the creatures which were born along the eras around the Earth and in all countries carried necessarily in them these differences which allow the structure of the world and the spirit which emanates from it.

(27) Listen and understand that: if two castaways were each on a different island and they both wish to build a boat to be saved, they could make it only according to what offers the island and not of what there isn’t. But, although similar, these two boats would be different, because the elements to fabricate them wouldn’t be identical on every island.

(28) Well, it is for these same unmistakable reasons that there are differences between creatures which cannot all come out together from the same place and similar things. It turns out that between races, between the peoples, and between families and individuals of these peoples, there are differences of perceptions, deductions, interpretations, and consequently behaviours. What is very rewarding and great for the world.

(29) Because it is like this for two neighbors and from the same country, it will be even more marked between two individuals of different race living side by side. That is why, if the native is leading his country as he should do with the elements which are there, the foreigner, him, will behave as he would do in his country of origin. What won’t miss to create sources of conflicts, the foreigner being the wrong answer of places and to the people.

(30) By brotherhood, we can go to all countries of the world to make friendly visits to their residents and share the knowledge with them. But we cause trouble if we establish ourselves there and do become residents and even multiply, this will create confusion. I say that every individual has to live in his original country with which he makes one and not of anyone else where he isn’t the good answer. We shall return to the above after the study of the formation, and each one of you will finally understand this great discord that reigns on the evening of the world, and in every nations.

A single one can teach rationally God and the creation of the world, the Son of Man: the author of the Lamb's Book of Life endowed of the universal spirit. But for really grasp the creation of the world and its diversity, it is essential to read his book from the beginning until the end and without skip a chapter because, as one said it, it is only from this long progress of matter and spirit that one sees that the creation of the world cannot be other that what it is.

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