Questions about the Book of Life

You will find here the more frequent questions that we receive from the readers of the Book of Life.

Who is the author of the Book of Life?

The author presents the main lines of his life during the first pages of the book. Thus you will find there the important facts that he judged useful to write, in order that each one understands that he was a man like the others. To avoid all idolatry form, he preferred to remain anonymous, the important being the message and not the messenger. Furthermore, to know his name and his forename adds nothing to the essential, which is the understanding for the work. Named the Son of Man, the Messiah, the Shiloh through the Scriptures, Emmanuel is the one who had to get up in these apocalyptic times to wake up men by his speech. Jesus is the character of the Bible who is the representation of the Son of Man today. Thus he unveils the fulfilment of the biblical prophecy, this in itself formally proves his identity.

What’s happen about translations ?

The publishing house Plumor doesn’t have the financial means to pay professionals for carry out translations. Furthermore, we think necessary that the persons who translate had read and understood the Book of Life to transmit at best the Spirit which was given to them. Thus, all translations are made by voluntary and bilingual readers, having a strong conviction and the will to bear the work in their respective tongue. To date, only the Italian, Polish and English translations of the Book of Life are finished and available on line. The Spanish and Dutch versions need a whole read-through as a layout. Others are at the stage of draft in Portuguese and German...

What can I do to participate in the dissemination of the Book of Life ?

We don’t have any particular request towards the readers of the Book of Life because each is completely free to do what seems just to him. However we can make some suggestions in order to have a coherent action and not to tire you uselessly. We don’t wish make proselytize. We want inform people of the existence of this Book and the necessity to read it, but never in order to convince or to force the hand to anyone. Therefore present the book in a simple way and at the level of what the other can hear, with respect and without insistence. We post messages on internet in response to some subjects evoked in the book, with a direct link towards the site for more information. But it isn’t necessary to post messages in excess on sites or forums which have nothing to do with the subjects discussed in the Book of Life. All help in this way for broadcast the message in the media is welcome, and doesn’t require our prior agreement, while it respects the current rules of audiovisual communication, and that it remains in agreement with the Spirit conveyed by the Book of Life. If you have specific competences in this field of translation, don’t hesitate to contact us, we could put you in contact with other persons for participate to this laborious work, but indispensable to help the dissemination of the Book.

Is there already established communities ?

We are aware of one or two groups of people who have read the Book of Life and who have decided to live together. However, this remains the personal initiative of readers and does not affect the small team that is responsible for the publishing house and websites. These choices relate to each and we can advise to nobody the area or how he must live.

How to meet other readers of the Book of Life ?

There was a forum which lasted a few years and has enabled meetings between readers. It was founded and run by a reader, and then others joined him. Very recently, a new french forum is born, this time created by another reader. Other forums or blogs can be created. We can possibly help to form discussion groups by region serving as relay and list the emails of interested people. However, our role is not to manage these groups and forums, because it belongs to each to become autonomous and responsible.

Are you a sect or a new religion ?

To convince you that we don’t form a sect; or a new religion, it will be necessary to read the whole Book of Life, but we can already answer on some points. The Book of Life fights all sectary movements they are religious, scientific, political... showing that this kinds of limited thinking give closed spirits. The Book of Life refuses any form of authority, hierarchy, domination of the man on man. It explains us that money is valuable only in this world which collapses, and for build a new world more just, we shall have to live without money. The Book denounces also all religious ceremonies, rituals and collective prayers.

The Book of Life aims to free the man from darkness and give back to him his original freedom. Having these principles for basis of life, we would not be credible if we were defending values and our actions contradict our beliefs. That is why there are among us no leader, no guru, no adepts, no hierarchy, no orders, no worship, no ceremonies and there is no money because the action of each is voluntary, free and unconstrained. Our goal is only to disseminate the Book of Life so, as it is written, it serves as a testimony to all nations.

About internet

There are many websites, forums or blogs that talk about the Book of Life, with which we are not affiliated. We cannot continually be informed of everything that is said and will be said on the forums, and is the sole responsibility of their moderators. Some alter the message of the Book of Life, there add their personal interpretations, or engage in foolish predictions. We wish to caution you against it. In case of doubt we recommend that you carefully reread the Book of Life, the essential element is amply and simply explained.You can also refer to our websites indicated at the bottom of the french home page, as guarantors of quality, and finally, if you have questions regarding the understanding, do not hesitate to contact us.

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