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Second part: the cycle of matter


Other geologic phenomena

(1) Everyone needs to know today that the matter is the essence, and that only this essence gives existence to space and causes electromagnetic activity with which the bodies are constantly made and unmade. And the essence, is the universe. The universe is space and galaxies.

(2) Knowing this, everything is at level of the mind of man. Then, gradually, he becomes aware that the terrestrial garden was prepared throughout the eras so that man is created in the favorable time, because each thing leads to his existence. That's why, having the electromagnetic activity for origin, celestial bodies and all beings have together a common history, which is fully shown by the spiral path of life.

(3) We know that the bodies which compose the coat to the core were formed in the diversity all along the growth of the Earth and to its temperature changes. This is enough for the spirit of knowledge, especially as the great complexity of the composition of these bodies, as well as their evolution and their interaction are not at level of human understanding. This is indeed part of the science of the Creator to which no creature can access.

The electro-volcanism

(4) It is better to look at simple phenomena and consecutive to the electromagnetic activity. The volcanoes that we have just studied are also due to this activity. On the scale of the Earth, their chimneys connecting the core to the surface ground are comparable to small pinholes. Consequently, you shouldn't exaggerate their importance. However, it is advisable to see that when these chimneys are entirely filled with magma, they connect the powerful internal electromagnetic forces with the external electromagnetic forces, and provoke some phenomena.

(5) Indeed, because of the electromagnetic forces which roam the surface of the iron core, this iron, mixing with the magma, makes this last one more or less conductible of the electric forces. We understand that the lava accumulated around a volcano forming a heap also conductible. There is thus no interruption in the electric continuity between the magma solidified of surface, the fluid magma contained in the chimney, and the magma being around the core. That is why, an intense electromagnetic activity reigns around a volcano, especially if this one is in eruption; an activity able to divert the needle of a compass, or yet provoke flash of lightning in warm gases and dusts rising over the volcano.

(6) When the gases erupt, they are generally followed by the lava which connects internal forces and external forces. This probably provokes discharges inside a chamber which fills with lava and a thunder noise in the entrails of the volcano; a noise which, although muffled, can be heard from outside.

Aspect of electro-volcanism
56 – Aspect of electro-volcanism

(7) Here is what could be two aspects of a volcano whose chimney wouldn't be divided in the heights. We see that if the conduct is obstructed, the gases will accumulate again in the superior or inferior chamber and in the volcano duct, as shown on the right figure. But if the mouth of the obstructed volcano is porous and let escape gases that form fumaroles, the magma may then go up and be found at different heights, as shown on the left figure. The magma then come closer to the exterior mass and increases the electromagnetic activity.


(8) We know now in addition to its mass, the Earth has a magnetosphere, lines of force and rings, and is constantly under the influence of the solar forces which consist of the same elements. The forces of the Sun, the Moon, which mingle with those of the Earth, have a direct action on bodies and particularly on fluid bodies which become animated movements depending of the circumstances. We speak here about daily movements of the sea (tidal), which, even if it doesn't appear to us, also occur in the atmosphere. These are complex phenomena to be defined, so much the forces involved are intertwine and numerous. But to grasp the essential, let's simplify the explanations of the phenomena.

(9) Without risk of error, we can say that the centripetal force exerted by the solar magnetosphere tends to lead the water towards the Earth where it's daylight, while the centrifugal force produced by its breath tends on the contrary to push it on the side where its night time. We can then imagine the water, being so compressed, would form two small bulges (or mounds) on the line where night and day meet and that, according to its position, the Moon would tend to increase or to reduce, as follows:

The phenomenon of tides
57 – The phenomenon of tides

(10) The Earth is represented here with day and at night, and with the small mounds of water which would so be formed all around the globe. The figure (A) shows us the Earth battling against the solar centripetal and centrifugal forces which tend to this accumulation of waters. But we have already explained that drawing partially its magnetosphere from that of the Earth, the Moon lightens all the terrestrial bodies in its passage. This can only accentuate the formation of these mounds if it is in front of them, or otherwise to attenuate them a little if it is taken away from them. It is for these evident reasons that we are witnessing the daily movements of the sea.

(11) According to this scheme, we admit gladly that when the Moon is in the positions of the figure (B), it counteracts the centrifugal and centripetal force of the Sun. Thus positioned, it can only attenuate the change in sea level. To be more precise, in these pressures and depressions of water, it is necessary to include the fact that the Earth moves these liquid masses by currents. This is why the tides seem to be complex phenomena. However, how the electromagnetic forces exerted cannot allow saying that the movements of the sea are remote phenomena from what is shown here.

Other phenomena and forms of the material

(12) Independently of what precede, we often hear that GALLET are the consequence of the water passage, on these stones. It isn't completely exact, because their rounded off shape isn't due to the passage of the water. No, what wears them is the sand that the current carries with it, or, it is the strength of this current that makes them roll over and over, as we notice at the seaside where this time it is the action of the waves that provokes their movements and wear. As for the big gallets that we find in valleys, they were mostly big boulders torn away from the bedrock on which the movements of glaciers, or passionate torrents of the beginning of the secondary. These stones kept rolling for a long time and took this round shape that they have. Most of them are dating from the diluvian period at the beginning of the secondary, and from the glacial period of the beginning of the tertiary.

(13) We also find NODULES at the bottom of basins, and in large quantities in the Pacific Ocean. These solid bodies, with their rounded forms, were formed essentially during the movements of the ground layers which contracted. They have for origin a bone or a tooth of a fish softened by the heat at the bottom of basins (notably in the neighborhood of the dorsals) which rolled repeatedly by coating themselves with different minerals. Because, with the frequent turmoils of the ground and the intense marine volcanism which took place before, minerals were formerly more plentiful in the ocean than they are today.

(14) These nodules, composed of different metals, often rolled on the bottom which moved very quickly at times; as was the case the day when the Moon collided with the Earth, or during periods of contractions of layers seized by the cold. It is therefore natural that these bodies were formed and be coated with matter which were different depending of the periods, being rounded, and also as they are located at the bottom of the basins where they localized by rolling down. They also testify of the layers movement at the bottom of basins, and that the formations of the relief and dorsals are indeed as we have showed.

(15) The formation also reveals that the ORGANIC MATTER in previous eras were sometimes buried in the deeper and warmer layers of the coat which contracted. One can imagine very well that if the whole forests, or large areas of aquatic plants were sometimes profoundly engulfed, it only happen because of the fast movements of the ground; because these movements had sometimes for consequence to bury the surface layers into the very warm layers of depths. Being buried profoundly and burned for a long time, these organic matters became coal, gas, bitumen, petroleum and other fossil products as we find nowadays. And when we know that the shrinkages of the coat layers were pulling the earth from the bottom of the basins where organic deposits were plentiful, and also the coming of the Moon which engendered enormous tidal waves, it isn't mysterious any more to find fossilized marine bodies on mountains... They also bear witness to what were the previous epochs that we have talked about.

The radioactive matter

(16) The radioactive bodies are also consequences of the activity of the celestial bodies. Let's return for a moment on the composition of the matter, to remember that in the crystallized bodies, there are no protons surrounded by their satellites; because when a body is dilated by the heat cools, and contracts as a result, the pressure is such that it welds the particles together. This is what forms the crystals in which protons, having lost their activity, have become neutral (neutrons) as we have already seen it. The neutrons thus form solid bodies, and protons are only forming gases.

(17) Hydrogen is composed of one proton and one electron (its satellite) born of a ring. With its magnetosphere, this proton can bind to one or two neutrons, and form what we call isotopes. The lighter is obviously the single proton and the heaviest, the proton with two neutrons. The uranium core is similar but pushed to the extreme as the number of agglutinated particles is great. Consequently, the more protons there are, the more there are electrons which turn in all directions and in disorder. These electrons don't miss to collide and to be constantly ejected. But not sooner ejected, straight after other form at the same places by immediate saturation of the ring from which they were ejected. Colliding with other cores to which they tear away particles which are in turn projected, it gives the impression that certain elements made by these cores are spontaneously transformed into other elements.

(18) In such cores, there are three phenomena: the heating of those ones (because the more protons that are hot the more the heat increases), the continual ejection of electrons which form again in the same place, and the production of waves that all this activity generates. But they are these projections of particles which are the most dangerous, because they can go through beings. Being immediately replaced by others births, the ejected electrons don't diminish in their numbers. We grasp very well that the danger remains as long as these cores remain. This can last for a long time, several centuries if nothing destroys them.

(19) Know however that the radioactivity is natural and it occurs wherever there are protons. But this is not dangerous, because this activity isn't concentrated. No, the danger comes from the concentration of heavy atoms in a same site, as it is practiced in Satan's nuclear cauldrons which line the rivers.

(20) When handling stones, we produce dusts which settle everywhere. Likewise, when we handle radioactive matters, we can't do it without lifting radioactive dusts secreted by these products which contaminate everything. They aren't devaluated materials however, but materials as dangerous and harmful as those concentrated. Also, it's better to have a nuclear explosion which disintegrates these cores, than to pile them up in a same place in one form or another; because they strike of interdiction for a long times all regions where they are, as well as the waters with which they mix. I say that only the nuclear explosion can put an end to the harmfulness of the atomic matter, whether or not called waste; because it is absolutely not possible to restore their original nature.

(21) All sites occupied by nuclear cauldrons or by deposits of radioactive matter, are already struck of forbiddances for the posterity and that for a long time. This is a great misfortune, because the animals which will go to these places will become contaminated and will then contaminate those who feed from them until the thousandth generation. From the next century, when you, the survivors of the end, living peacefully in association of families gathered around the law, you will think of these sites that it will be necessary to indicate with big engraved stones for not to forget them. We must never forget where they are. That is why I say that, if they aren't destroyed by what comes, you will have to indicate them to the posterity in a sustainable manner.

(22) Isn't there another process than the nuclear explosion to free the countries of the cauldrons of Satan and radioactive waste which comes out of them? There are no other ways, regrettably! because whatever we do with these products, they will spread death wherever they are. Today, the electrical power dependence of the countries which derive their power from these cauldrons is such that it isn't possible to interrupt it without collapsing the societies that depends on it. That is why, those who whished and brought these cauldrons, can't ask today that we discoat them piece by piece for bury them under one thousand meters below the ocean bottom, for destroy them with a nuclear explosion. This would be the best method. But the scientists and military leaders to which the leaders of nations obey cannot allow it; because these products and weapons which are attached to them are the justification of their own existence.

Mysterious phenomena appearances

(23) To properly interpret the phenomena, it is necessary to think that because of the emergence of lands and the digging of basins, the terrestrial coat cannot be of equal thickness around the globe and, that according to it, there may be some variations in the action of electromagnetic forces. Because certain areas (like the bottom of the basins, the abysses, plains, volcanoes, dorsals, and wherever the magma isn't very far from the ground surface) may cause phenomena to mysterious appearances. What will be even more likely in a place where the ground contains conductive minerals, because these minerals form points with regard to the surface of the Earth. These points can then be similar to a little piece of iron that is placed in the magnetic fields of a magnet on which the forces deviate and pass. However, those who live in a country where the ground contains iron ore or coal, or other conductive minerals, may attend electromagnetic events, which could be animated, sustained or muffled.

(24) These phenomena originating from the electromagnetic, which disturb many people and scaring animals, can also illuminate gases, move objects, either absorb electric forces and waves. Similarly, a deflected terrestrial line force may run by leaving spiral traces on wet ground or in the snow. It can also cut out pieces of clay or stones, flat and round, as it was the case when the Moon made toggle the Earth while certain surface regions of the ground were still warm and soft.

(25) Also, when an electromagnetic phenomenon origin occurs, we shouldn't be frightened. Besides, consider that the decomposition of certain organic matter produces an exhalation of hydrogen phosphorous that we see well at night (the wisp) or in the darkness of a cave during the day. Again, it doesn't mean that we've seen a ghost, or pretend, as do members of the infamous, that these are the demonstrations of some characters of the Scripture... Withhold, because ghosts' appearances or other entities only exist in people's imagination who have a great spiritual weakness, who are then easy preys for those who exploit them.

The climate on the evening of the world

(26) Apart from these things, you should know that deserts are not growing today because of some natural climatic change; because, the Earth's climate, now stabilized in its orbit, doesn't change. The growth of deserts is essentially due to the excess of men and to their activities. Indeed, in the term of these centuries of the misfortune, we see the atmosphere temperature increasing, not by greenhouse effect but because of the thin layers of air is continuously and increasingly heated by many forest fires, by the intense heat of the cities more and more monstrous, by the insupportable number of human beings and breeding animals, by the industry, by the huge asphalt surfaces, and by the uncountable vehicles and other machines which cross the earth, sea and sky. In addition to their large warming and their pollution, the air masses are stagnant or turbulent, having serious consequences for atmospheric disturbances which cause devastating floods and catastrophic droughts, because the whole climate is unbalanced.

(27) The temperate climate of our planet is due to the internal heat produced by the core, which arise by the sea bottom till the airs, and to the solar temperature which is ideal on the orbit where we are. The resulting climatic balance must not be disturbed by man, otherwise the end of all lives is to be quickly expected.

(28) Today however, each can see that the very thin atmospheric layer is not able to properly purify. This must end, because the air gets polluted more and more every day, and the temperature rises, as clearly shows the melting of glaciers. You should also know on this subject that, and contrary to what is said, the melting of ices due to global sensitivity of the air cannot elevate the sea level in any way. A child understands that if an increase of the atmospheric temperature melts the ice, it also evaporates the water accordingly, leaving unchanged the sea level... Only the thickness of the atmosphere is increasing in this case, and changes the climate accordingly.

(29) But because of the overpopulation which is increasing, the industry continues to grow, the continuous increase of machinery using combustion, cities which extend to infinity, the deforestation which is widespread, and everything which results from the abandonment of the essential values of life shown by the law, the living conditions at the origin of the world regress daily. If thus nothing would interrupt and stop their destruction, the world would then approach the moment where no beings could stay alive. Consider that if only insects or some of them would disappear from the world, the entire world would disappear with them.

(30) Everyone knows that it takes very little to disrupt a whole and put an end to it. That is why the climatic deterioration that we see on the evening of the world is almost voluntary infamy committed by the rulers. However, nothing can stop the amplification of such calamity, if not the end of those who give themselves powers without anticipating their responsibilities.

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