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Second part: the cycle of matter


The waves

(1) The Galaxy seems to us to have terrible dimensions because we are small compared to it. But when viewed from the outside and afar, knowing that it is completely filled with as many worlds as there are stars, we realize that life doesn't suffer the distances which separate these stars. But, to fully grasp everything that happens within it and to see that we are not isolated from other worlds, we must study what are really the waves and how they are perceived.

The waves and matter

(2) First understand that the waves are vibrating movements, in periodic function, unable to form and propagate if it isn't in a material environment. There are the waves which we call magnetic, made exclusively in the essence, such as those which propagate from the ground into space and that we call radio waves. And there are the waves which we call material, which are vibrations made only in gaseous, liquid or solid bodies. Whether it is in the essence or in the bodies, they all propagate in the matter by successive repercussions of the phenomenon which created them. However, since space is material, we are really connected with all the celestial bodies and the worlds of the universe by the essence and the waves running through it.

(3) Again, we must remove what is usually said about the waves, because they are by no means composed of electrons which travel in space, nor by particles of illuminated energy without mass, imagined by the scientists, that they call photon when it concerns light, or phonon if it's about acoustics. For them, would a photon be like a small torch which illuminates the landscape? And would a phonon be like a small tone which indicates what is happening? How do they imagine them? No, all this is not true! Besides, there can't be any electromagnetic waves produced by electrons, otherwise when men proceed to broadcasting waves, they would have to throw a considerable quantity of matter into space. It would be so, and it would necessarily be chaos. Moreover, the waves can't be made with particles of light energy without mass (photons); because, without mass, means without body and necessarily without matter nor reality. It exist only vibratory movements of matter.

Perception of the phenomena

(4) Seeing, feeling heat, hearing, are phenomena due exclusively to these vibrations produced in the essence and the bodies. That is why the Creator gave us eyes which intercept and interpret certain vibrations of the essence and ears which, them, intercept and interpret certain vibrations of the bodies. But, because the vibratory phenomena are extremely complex, it is necessary to distrust the language and the words which don't always translate their reality. For example, if one say: I see a light in the distance… we say a silly thing, because light cannot be seen. If we could see it, we would be in a constant dazzle, because we would only see it and not the objects. No, what we perceive, it isn't a light but a dazzling point which makes the essence vibrates up to us. Similarly, if we say: sound propagates in the atmosphere… we say another silly thing; because sound, as such, exists only when the vibratory forces are captured by the ear. Outside the ear, sound is only vibrations.

Movement of matter
34 – Movement of matter

(5) This image symbolizes at the top the infill universe (by the row of balls in contact) and, at the bottom, the universe which we suppose empty (by the only ball going to move within it). If you hit the first ball of the top row, the last ball of this row will move at once as if it was connected with the first one by a stiff bar. And if, with the same force, we hit this time the ball by itself on the bottom row, this one will travel a distance to get from one point to the other, taking a certain time.

(6) For the top row of balls to represents the essence of space, we can imagine balls everywhere, touching each other. As for the ball alone, it is the representation of a particle which would cross the entire space, as believed by the scholars who measure the distances separating the stars with the time that a photon or an electron would require by traveling from one to another. Because of that, they don't hesitate to say that we see the stars in the past, because their blasted particles put certain time to come from a star until us and indicate that it shines far off, in some place! However, if we saw the stars in the past, such as they were millions and billions of light years ago as they say, it is indisputable that we would also see everything in the past, even those which are on earth, far or near us. Things being what they are, each would exist by being more or less ahead of everything he sees...

(7) But it is not so because, due to the incompressibility of the essence which moves in its entire volume, the stars appear to us at once such as they are at the moment when we observe them. Look again at the figure on the top, and imagine the hammer and the vibrations that it provokes as being the star and the last ball of the row as if it was in contact with you, and you will understand that there is no speed of light, as this last one doesn't exist at all. No, what does illuminates, enlightens and makes things visible, isn't the light, but the movement of the essence and its interception, as it is represented by the row of balls.

(8) The flash of lightning of thunderstorm makes vibrate very far the essence which is incompressible, and we see it immediately, without delay; whereas the noise of this flash of lightning reaches us later. It is like that, because the atmosphere which vibrates in contact with the flash of lightning, it, is compressible. Consequently, there is necessarily delay of repercussion of the phenomenon in the air. I explain it otherwise: the air is composed of particles which are more or less apart from each other. The water, it, is composed of particles which touch themselves. A solid body of superior density, such as metal for example, is composed of particles which this time are welded to each other. Thus, vibrations made in the air, which become sounds to the ears, will faint much faster than those in the water which, itself, is incompressible, or in a solid body which is as well. For example, if we give a hit to a solid body of an extreme hardness, this hit will immediately be heard on the whole surface of this body, because the body vibrates in its entire volume. In this case, there is no delay of repercussion of the hit, unlike the delay which we observe in the water or in the air.

(9) Heat is made of vibrations of the essence which will propagate much faster in the air (where particles are spaced out) than in the water (where particles are close to each other). These vibrations of the essence, which are felt as heat by the living body, have also the effect of vibrate and spread the particles which compose the fluids. In the atmosphere for example, these vibrations are reducing the density of the air by spreading the particles which compose it. It is for this reason that the warm air rises; because, of lower density than the surrounding air, it is forced to rise. Because of this, on the Moon, a balloon filled with warm air would stay on the ground, because there is no atmosphere.

(10) However if now we imagine not a row, but a multitude of balls side by side and in all directions, we understand that by hitting one of them we would produce the same result as a single row, but with force deployment. And if we did the same with an immense surface filled with balls, these would be much less disturbed as being further away because of the deployment. We would hit on a single point, while the whole volume would move. A star is also a single point whose force disturbs the entire volume of the essence up to us. Things being what they are, we see more or less the star according to its distance.

Flux of the essence in the volume of the universe
35 – Flux of the essence in the volume of the universe

(11) Here are two other illustrations which show the stars such as we observe them, and not as they were in the past. The left image represents a sector of magnetosphere by the flux coming down on the celestial body, and the image on the right a sector of the breath of the star by the flux which comes back up from it. If it was some hoppers in which we put the grain and in which we are ourselves in the middle, we wouldn't feel the grain flow at the same speed or with the same force as we would be near or far from the narrow side. As a consequence, if we were ourselves the dark ball on the left figure, we would weigh much more near the narrow side of the hopper, because of the grain which would flow much stronger there. Inversely, if we were the clear ball, we would weigh much less by being placed at the top where the grain, is less dense, would flow less heavily on us. However, near or far from the narrow side of the hopper, the grain would flow into all its volume, by being more or less moved.

(12) The figure on the right shows that the flow emanating from the star goes into space by deploying its action. Then, since all the grain moves at the same time in its volume, and that this force is felt wherever one is in it, it is obvious that we see the stars such as they are and not as they were in the past. Between them and us, the entire volume of the essence vibrates at the same time, although being moved more or less strongly. Here on the Earth, we are, let say, in the hopper of the Sun and close to this last one, like the clear ball of the right figure. When we look at another star, we are also in its hopper, but this time, in the position of the darker ball, furthest, which immediately feels the grain vibrating, but only a little. That is why, we hardly perceive the star and, inversely, the Sun much more. And this is accentuated by the fact that the breath of the Sun tends to crush the breath of the stars. For all these reasons, we firmly believed that the stars were more distant from us than they actually are.

The heat and the light

(13) Why heat and light are perceived when we are enough near the star, while only the light is perceived when we are further away from it? It's always about the same phenomenon of the grain which moves a lot and with more force towards the narrow side. The grain is always of the same nature, it is only the way it moves which changes. And it is also like that for the essence, which is of the same nature near or far from the Sun, and whose we perceive the vibrations as light and heat, or light only according to the distance. Let's add to this that when we light a fire on Earth, we are at the same moment in the small hopper of the fire and in the big hopper of the Sun. We thus perceive both sources. But the fire which forms a small hopper isn't capable of making the essence vibrate as far as the Sun does. We thus can't see it from a great distance.

(14) If we have a small electric resistance which we lead on the red during the night, and that we move back from it, we will soon no longer be able to see it at approximately three hundred steps. On the contrary, by moving towards the resistance, we see it more and more clearly. And finally, closer yet, we feel the heat and the light even. This is undeniable. If thus photons existed and happily traveled at more than a billion kilometers an hour as stated by the scholars, wouldn't they be able to walk three hundred steps during the entire night, from which we don't see the resistance? Would there be an impediment? The real answer, is that a small electric resistance may only provoke a small disturbance of the surrounding essence, while a star carries its vibrations beyond the Galaxy.

(15) With these realities, from which the evidence can't escape, we are far from photons travelers which go from one point to another without obstacles. Moreover, if photons existed and moved uniformly at three hundred thousand kilometers per second, why then would we see a fire far away at night and not a campfire at the same distance, in another direction? Would there be, there also, an interdiction as to the fact that the photons from the small fire could reach us at the same speed than those of the big fire? What would it be?

(16) Besides, if we heat a piece of iron until it is red and then we stop heating it, we still however continue to see it red and to feel its heat during a moment. It is so, because the forces which it restores come from the same source. This means that light or heat are of the same nature and of the same origin, there are only the vibrations which cause them which varie. If thus light was made with particles of luminous energy, with what the heat, which here has the same source, would it be made?

(17) On that subject I have something to show. The astronomers have noticed that the shadow of the satellites projected on the atmosphere of Jupiter is warmer than the rest of this atmosphere lit by the Sun. This explains itself very well with what has just been said, because the solar radiance crushes the heat which emanates from Jupiter. Things being what they are, the shadow of the satellites is necessarily warmer than the rest of the surface of the atmosphere.

(18) It is indisputable that if, in disintegrating itself, the Sun wouldn't blow the essence which constitutes itself but only the particles as it is said, all the stars of our Galaxy would necessarily blow the same particles. In this case, space would be filled with it, and birds could go from the Earth to the Moon by flapping their wings... Furthermore, such a solar wind would definitely dispel the atmosphere of planets, which is also composed of particles. Of course, some particles of the Sun are maybe projected in space by its breath, but they do not constitute its breath. So now remove from your minds all which can't be, to make room for what really exists.

(19) We have to understand that the Sun doesn't emit light nor heat, but only the essence which it animates with diverse vibrations. And they are these vibrations which are perceived by living beings as light and heat, whereas they are only vibratory forces. There is what provokes these vibrations and what receives them. So that there is reception there has to be a body, and living bodies so that it can be light, heat, or diverse sounds. For rocks, these vibratory forces remain forces, while it is otherwise for the living beings. Even if it surprises you, I say that aside you there is no light, no heat nor sounds. Everything is dark and silent, without heat or cold. This is certain, because the diverse vibrations of the essence or of the air cannot be light, heat or sounds as such. They are only forces.

(20) All these explanations prove that there are no photons and that the speed of light doesn't exist, but that our organism is conceived to react to the movements of matter. The nocturnal animals don't react to the same forces as those which allow us to see; however, they see clearly. Unlike them, in the darkness, we don't see. But, by pricking up one's ears, we can walk towards any sound, even if it's hardly audible. We can thus direct ourselves by sound only, by locating the place where this sound comes from. That is how the nocturnal animals, such as bats, localize insects, because these insects or other preys make sounds which draw their attention. But these nocturnal animals see enough at night to orient themselves. Every living being can orient themselves from estimate, sight, sound, smell, or by all these perceptions if it is endowed with corresponding organs. For it is evident that every being is created to move and live in the environment which gave birth to it and where it evolves.

Perception of colors

(21) It is also necessary to know that it is because of the wide diversity of vibrations of the essence and the consistency of the bodies which send them back to us, that there are colors of objects and changeable colors. Objects and materials are however without particular colour. But we see them colored according to the power which they have to reflect the flow of vibrations which hits them. Thereby, material which reflects the waves very poorly or not at all appears black. The matter which we see black thus limits the perceptible fluxes. Contrarily, the matter that we see white, which can cause glare, is the limit in the other way. As for violent fluxes which could damage the sight (as it would happen if we persisted in facing the Sun), they exceed in power what we can support. The eye cannot and should not perceive everything, and the same for the ear.

(22) You shouldn't thus confuse the bodies which provoke vibrations (the waves) with the bodies which send them back, as does the Moon or an object; because the flux arriving directly from the body which emits it up to us, shows us the emission point only. And if it is sent back to us by an object, then this one takes the aspect of a source. We only see the bodies which emits vibratory fluxes, either because these bodies are sources, or because they send them back by giving the appearance of being sources.

(23) We thus see things in color, while in reality nothing is colored. The rainbow is an excellent example, because it is of all colors, while water is perfectly colorless. These colors are provoked by the background rain which makes echoes to the various solar vibrations. The materials aren't in color, because neither the ether, or the particles, or the celestial bodies, are colored. The color is just discernment and an identification belonging only to living beings. We can take as evidence water which is colorless and appears colored only by the radiance of the Sun, or yet the air which has no particular color, but which makes the sky appear blue by refraction.

(24) Also, if we would get closer to a star at a full speed, which is usually white, we would see it enlightened rather in a blue color. And if we would move away from it at the same speed, we would see it enlightened in the red instead. It would be so, because our great speed would be added to the one of its breath as we would get closer to it, and would subtract as we would move away from it. Things being what they are, if a white star is at a certain distance of the Earth and exactly on the same level, we can (because of the rotation of the Earth around the Sun) see it blue today but red in six months. But we must not conclude, as it has already been done by the scholars, that we found a star which moves forward and backward… because it's us who do it every six months with the Earth and in relation to it.

The waves coming from space

(25) Always in regards to these forces which propagate in the essence, there is in the big Wheel an entire alphabet of the sounds coming from celestial bodies in labor. The birth of a satellite produces a sound identical to the one of a big flash of lightning which is multiplied to the dimension of the celestial body, which could be the A of this alphabet. Due to its activity, the star itself provokes many waves. And it also produces a strong emission when it dies out, because its magnetosphere disappears by collapsing all at once, and by pulling its celestial bodies which crash head on. It is thus from the heart of the Galaxy where the stars will die out that emanates the most waves, especially in this region stars are the most numerous. If thus we consider that the birth of the satellite is the A of the alphabet of sounds, the end of a star and its celestial bodies necessarily closes this alphabet by the Z.

(26) The waves produced by a galaxy in labor aren't thus lacking. They are them that the scholars listen to from the Earth in amazement, because for them, each one is a mystery. Indeed, these men install huge ears in front of which they jump by hearing all these surprising sounds which arrive from the sky in an incomprehensible amalgam. And with the curvature which the magnetospheres impose on the waves, this complicates it; because they often observe in front of them what occurs somewhere else... But what they listen is comparable to the rumor which rises from a crowd within which everybody speaks at the same time, because all the celestial bodies work at the same time.

(27) Assuming that we remove the crust of the Moon, we would obtain a cold metallic sphere, completely rigid, which would send back the waves coming from the Galaxy and that we are already receiving directly on Earth. Thus, such celestial bodies aren't lacking in the sky, because all satellites are like this from their birth, after they have cooled down. Metallic caps are also in space following the collisions due to the end of stars. And when these caps turn on themselves, they are capable of sending the waves back in an alternative way; which will give excellent pulsars for the scholars. Such fragments of celestial bodies exist in all the galaxies, and more particularly in the center of these last ones, provoked by the collision of the planets which die out with their star.

(28) We understand that the rounded part of a cap is capable of collecting large numbers of waves emitted from everywhere and to send them back in our direction in a single beam, in an alternative way if this cap turns, or continuous if it doesn't turn. That is why those who listen to stars, hear them twice: directly and indirectly. But such fragments of celestial bodies can disturb several scholars, because they think they have to deal with an enormous radio-source, resulting from a gigantic cataclysm! They don't get out of it, because for this kind of human, everything is disorder, chaos and catastrophe, from which the eyes of Eve would descend from...

(29) It is also certain that a heap of stars emits waves in plenty, because it is the celestial bodies' labor which form it. It is what they call a quasar this time. But I say that the pulsars and quasars are like the black holes of mind of those who, being unworthy of the knowledge, absolutely want an origin and an end to the universe. Run away from these men! Your salvation depends of it, because they are very far from the reality, on matter, on the waves and the spirit which they form and carry through the entire universe.

(30) As in regards to the range of the waves emitted by man (which can be short, medium or big, sectorial or not), that the transmitter and the receiver would be side by side or separated from one another by greater distances, it doesn't prevent their connection. This is why, we can very well animate a receiving instrument placed in front of us or on the Moon, because the essence and the waves which run through this last one connect us to it wherever it is. Man would thus know how to do that in being a creature, and God wouldn't know how to animate us in the same way by being the Creator? The universe emits and we are its work which receives it. Things being what they are, we are functioning with the universe and not independently of it.

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