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Second part: the cycle of matter


The worlds to come

(1) Several celestial bodies of solar family increase in size. This has for effect to increase proportionally the powerful magnetosphere of the Sun, as well as its activity which is the one of its extreme youth. Therefore, and due to the contraction of the wall, which is the result of the continuous increase of the magnetospheric pressure, the Sun is slowly decreasing its visible disc, while increasing its luminosity and its heat. However, when one of its planets will ignite, this planet will miss at the sum of the masses which activate him. The power of the magnetosphere of the Sun will then be reduce in proportion. Which will result in reducing the mass of the wall this time, and slow down its activity. The Sun will then begin to increase in diameter.

(2) When a planetstar will shine, the Sun will heat a little less obviously, and will shine more in the red. But after this sensitive release, its wall will again tend to get closer to its mass, because the remaining planets will continue to grow with their satellites. And this contraction will be made with a Sun of a visible diameter much bigger than in this day, because this phenomenon of decreasing in activity will happen each time one of its planetstars will shine.

(3) Our day star will become less and less hot and more and more big, until it appears gigantic. The time will come when it will be so big in the sky that it will be necessary to turn the head to the left and to the right to see its edges when it will dawn upon the Earth. It will be a magnificent spectacle that we can already imagine but difficult to describe, so great is such beauty and magnificence. It is however certain that its electromagnetic activity will oblige it to change somehow. This is perfect, because the Sun has to last so much time as its celestial bodies which make it shine. Here is one of the numerous perfections of the electromagnetism, wanting that the one exists by the other one and for a same length of time, to make a world live.

(4) Each in their turn, the solar planetstars will become full stars. This will occur during the long road of life of the Sun which is moving up with the Earth and its servants (Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon) to the core region of the Wheel. Although the planetstars will enlighten suddenly, the Sun will slowly change in response; because a new star still needs its mother in the beginning, and continues to solicit it by the ring on which it evolves. The electromagnetic activity is exerting in the flexibility and softly. That is why each time a planetstar will shine in the sky, the Sun will slowly sit in a new speed functioning.

The changes of worlds

(5) Because they will become successively stars, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter indicate four different epochs and a world always different in the duration of life of the Sun. But because its light and its gentle warmth will spread in a uniform way over the globe, the ice reserves will decrease according to its change of activity. So, the melting ices will compensate the growth of the Earth, and the areas of water will live. It will be a world even more beautiful in the centuries, especially that the knowledge will continue to increase and you will not stop increasing and matching you with it. That is what is the near and distant future of your soul, going until the term of the Sun and the Earth.

(6) This shows how the stars vary in their existence. However, these variations, due to the planets becoming stars, are not to be confused with other variations which result from the influence of the celestial bodies on orbit. Indeed, when in their rotation the planets pass near to each other, we understand that they influence mutually by their immense magnetosphere, and this phenomenon inevitably affects the Sun which varies accordingly. But these changes are more like the mood of a father according to what his children do; while those that we are showing with their planets becoming stars; look like the changes of the father during his life.

The changes of the Sun
30 – The changes of the Sun

(7) Here is a representation of the solar changes which will occur in time. The first figure shows the Sun as it is today, as well as the position of the Earth on orbit. Then, each successive figure represents it without Neptune, then Uranus, then Saturn, then Jupiter in its family; hence the progressive increase of its disc. But when it will have the aspect of the fifth figure, it will have travelled a good distance on the path of life which takes it to the heart of the Galaxy. Will it have traveled the fourth, the third, or half or perhaps more in the path than it must travel? I do not know. However I certify that he will not cease growing until it is similar to giant and near stars which populate the heart region of the Galaxy. The more it will grow, the more its activity will be reduced and the more its life expectancy will be longer. This is why, starting from the aspect it will have on the fifth figure, it still going to have a long way to do with the Earth and its living world.

(8) These images show each time the mass, the wall and the entire disc formed by the burning atmosphere of the Sun. We notice that the more the central mass decreases bigger is its wall, as well as its apparent atmospheric globe. But until an important point of the mass will remain at the centre, the wall will subsist, whatever is its dimension, because it is this central point which obliges its formation.

(9) To better appreciate these solar changes, the Earth is each time represented with the same orbit diameter. But it isn't certain that its orbit so stays, because it is the entire electromagnetic system of the Sun which will change. However, that the terrestrial orbit changes or not as the Sun is transformed, this will not have any bad consequences for the world which will always be the just and right answer of living conditions offered by our celestial bodies. Therefore one should not worry when outer planets of the asteroids belt will become stars in their turn, and when the solar globe will grow accordingly, because its heat will always be ideal and its light always softer. But by knowing the truth henceforth, you will not be in anxiety. Instead, these events will be expected, and you will be eager that they occur.

(10) And what will happen to the planets which will accompany the Sun to its term? As it was said, when the stars have completely worn out their mass and when their wall collapses suddenly, the planets which accompany them are all drawn in this movement of implosion. They thus disappear with it, because they are moving quickly towards this center point where they smash against each other head-on. Then it results from it gigantic vaporizations, as well as an enormous quantities of earth dusts, iron and myriads of small bodies in the heart region. These then become comets going from star to star, wearing off as they pass until nothing remains, except what forms precious and abundant clouds of the Galaxy. But long before that this occurs, the world has left.

Our double stars

(11) When Neptune will light up, we shall see it during day time as a very big star, but smaller than the Sun; and no one will be afraid, as it would have been the case without knowing the truth. When that will happen, it will be necessary to think about what we evoked previously, and to be in the enjoyment in front of this growth of the blooming life. If men have always been afraid of celestial phenomena, it's that they didn't understand what was happening with the celestial bodies which are at the service of life. However, there is absolutely no risk on this Earth, neither from electromagnetism phenomena, nor from angels who fill the Wheel. No, God created the Earth so it is for our pleasure and our enjoyment, and not so that men disappear by some independent phenomena from their will, to which they couldn't escape. That is why, from after the difficult days which come and whose only men are responsible, the world will live peacefully sheltered from danger.

(12) In times to come, there will often be two stars side by side in solar family; one will be the Sun, and the other, one of its planetstars which will shine in turn. Thus, we shall again enter in the world of double stars. And it will last long, the time that they require to move apart from each other. But the living conditions will change, because the Sun will also change. Whatever are these new life conditions, the creatures will always be the answer according to the science of the Almighty whose intelligence we cannot fathom.

(13) Verily, I say onto you, all those manifestations in the sky shall not be the regression of the living conditions, but their expansion to infinity which will make grow ever more the happiness of existence. Do not expect anything bad on Earth and in the sky, but instead at the blooming of life which is essential for rebirths and new worlds. You only know one aspect of the world, which is the one of the beginning. There will be others however than you can't define in advance, but you can anticipate henceforth being enlighten.

The destiny in the beyond

(14) As we have seen, the Sun will get bigger and increasingly red. The world will find itself in a magnificent light that we can already imagine. By incidence, the colors and the living conditions will change on Earth, as well as creatures. Nothing will be the same in this march which leads men in worlds always more wonderful. These are the worlds of the beyond (beyond of here) which are on the path of the Sun's life, and terrestrial worlds that your soul will make you know throughout successive bodily rebirths. This is your future which does not depend on doctrines and human works, but only depends of the Celestial Force which predetermines, creates, animates and governs all things.

(15) If, by the mind, you follow the works of the celestial bodies, time will have no meaning to you; because you will go from the source to the sea as you see fit, and from the edge till the heart of the Galaxy if such is your desire. You only have to follow the electromagnetism in its work. And the day will come when you will exclude time with ease as I do. Then you will see as I see the images of the path of life where there is only softness and enjoyment, and your thoughts will fill you with love for the One by whom all exists.

(16) Therefore associate the changes ahead of the Sun with the path of life, which is also the tree of life and destiny of your soul, if you take part in the resurrection of the dead today. Depending on your choices, you will choose to remain eternally on this path and live all the universe offers to deserving souls. Because you are responsible of your destiny, which is endless if you are in the merit to keep the life that God gave you.

The path of life of celestial bodies and souls
31 – The path of life of celestial bodies and souls

(17) Here, in a single image, the solar changes and the worlds of the future, also the path life of your soul if you resist to the temptations that can lose you. Thus refrain from saying: the destiny of every man is drawn in advance, and whatever we do, cannot change anything! A funambulist walking on a wire has also his destiny drawn before him; and he doesn't say: whatever I do, I cannot change anything for me! No, he knows by keeping his balance he will stand, otherwise, he will fall. Regarding the path of life, which is indeed the destiny of everyone, it's similar. By practising the good, you will stand and will follow it; while practising evil, you will fall and will come out of it definitively. That is also the truth and the reason to know it.

(18) If you weren't in control of your destiny, this would mean that the choice to do well or to do badly would be deprived of you. Then you would be irresponsible in all domains of life, and the intelligence of man would not be necessary nor would exist. Thus show the same lucidity as the funambulist, using the law of heaven as pendulum to keep the balance. Then you will walk along the path without ever falling.

(19) As seen in this figure, the life expectancy of the Sun is equivalent to the time it will take to travel all the branch of the Galaxy. For the moment, it is with the Earth at the bottom of this branch, because it doesn't shine since five billion years like the intelligent proclaim it to you noisily and constantly in ears, but rather a little less than two hundred thousand years. With the comings and goings of the Earth which determined its ages, we acquired the certainty. But what represent two hundred thousand years in the life expectancy of celestial bodies and the world? They are like the first breath of a child in the number of breaths of the duration of his days. Such is the exactness of eternal times in which I take you if your soul is in the merit to continue its existence. Will you still have the heart to oppose you my baptism before the wonders that I show? Isn't this worth some reprimands?

Blessed are the eyes that see what you see. For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see what you see but did not see it, and to hear what you hear but did not hear it.

Today, is the fulfilment of this word of Jesus, which also shows that the truth was to discover.

(20) To bury what I explain on the worlds to come, should we not invalidate what I teach on the electromagnetism? And how could we eliminate the word of the Son, which is God's word? We cannot do it with the activity elements of the magnet, nor with the red and oval spot of Jupiter, nor with the satellites, nor with its atmosphere which will explode, nor with the crown of vapors which will go away from it, nor with the Sun, nor with the double stars, or with anything else, because all the reality opposes to it. And why would anyone want to annihilate what I show on the universe? Isn't this enlightening and in accordance with the expectation of your souls? Comfort it instead to eradicate the heaviness of ignorance.

(21) In survival under the threats of the uncircumcised prevailing in the world, you were blinded, frightened, lost and without purpose. Whereas with my baptism, your eyes open and your hope reborn. But in truth, you descended to this day of light from the original sources. That's why I can restore your soul, by showing you for now and thereafter all that the Creator reserves to it by the rebirths in which it will participate. Isn't this what you were hoping to know one day? Before the magnitude and magnificence of what is placed before your eyes today, what are worth your future projects?


(22) We now know that the planets and the Sun will cease together their existence. But when comes this ultimate moment, a long time has already passed and the living conditions went out and that there are not human beings anymore. That is why until the end of the spiralled path of life, we only find angels who have become like God. And I heard that, well before the end of their star, they go away to begin again this path to live what they haven't lived yet. With the help of the magnets which we shall discuss, they descend from star to star till the edge of the Wheel to witness the birth of humanity on a new Earth. This is why, in genesis, the Scripture relates about beginnings:

The giants were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

(23) These giants weren't of body but of spirit, making them heroes, because they were the direct descent of angels. And this marriage by blood, at the dawn of humanity, is a duty to accomplish in the path of life. Then, when these angels are gone, there is none others who manifest; for man has to become angel himself, as it happens today.

(24) You the circumcised, you walk towards happiness without knowing that your soul is a fruit which will give you a body as many times as necessary, to satisfy yourself of all the wonders to come. But, in this day of glory, your heart will suddenly appear to you too small to contain your love for the Creator who reserves such treasures to his beloved children.

(25) You know now that your hands are for nothing in the path of the life, and that your works aren't what they should be. But what could you say furthermore before the splendors of light, of shape, softness and activity of life of the worlds that I show you and which wait for you? You can only prostrate yourself before the One by which all this already exists in the sky and will exist on Earth, and pray him to not delete the magnificence of such spectacles.

(26) Thus take good care of your soul, because to find yourself in the world of the living is the greatest thing which can happen to you. And henceforth, you can't die any more, because knowledge cancels ignorance and death which is associated to it. Believe in me. I am the son of the eternal life, the one who shows you the wonderful skies waiting for you and under which you will go if you walk with the One by whom everything exists. You didn't exist, you exist, and you will always exist if you love God with all your soul. Glorify his name.

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