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Third part: the rules of existence


Comprehension and faith

(1) Above all things, man has to take care of all beings which God placed under his feet.

When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, says David,
The moon and the stars, which you have set in place,
What is mankind that you are mindful of them,
And human beings that you care for them?
You have made them a little lower than the angels
And crowned them with glory and honor.
You made them rulers over the works of your hands;
You put everything under their feet:
All flocks and herds,
And the animals of the wild,
The birds in the sky and the fish in the sea,
All that swim the paths of the seas.
Lord, our Lord!
How majestic is your name in all the earth!

Taken from the psalms, this quotation expresses the human greatness. However, only you, the chosen ones, can measure the depths. Indeed, attributing the sense of life to chance which would have evolve the animal into man, and believing that the Lord God who creates everything is a legend, the atheists cannot advance in knowledge. Then how could they know that men are slightly lower at the angels? To the rank of insane they are, to this rank they will stay.

On the capacities of the chosen ones

(2) You agree now that only a little reflection is required on the activity of the matter to understand the formation of the satellites, planets, the Sun and all the stars. It is therefore indisputable that man saint of mind can apprehend the perpetual cycle of the matter and make fly away the mystery of eternity, as we did it. After what, he knows that the soul is the fruit of the life lived, intended for rebirths. He perceives the existence of the soul as he perceives the existence of the Sun, that is to say from all that leads to it. This then puts an end to death. Thus, before him, remains only the eternal life, that he acquires easily rising to the Creator.

(3) Then make sure not to underestimate you, you who make this ascent, because you are like me: what I see, you will see it; what I do, you will do it; and where I am, you will come. Interrogate the one who climbs a mountain up to its summit. He will tell to you that at the top and in the purity of tops, he sees all things very far. It's the same for the one who rises to the summit of the mountain of the Eternal, from which he sees from the top what cannot be seen from below. And it is there where you will join me before going into the kingdom, because the redemption of your soul depends of this elevation, that each of you, circumcised, can do with ease.

On the identity of the children of God

(4) You must also know that faith isn't sufficient to open eyes and resuscitate, because only the comprehension of God's science realizes this marvel. And it is only after having resuscitated that you will go into the kingdom where you will no longer die. If thus you die according to my death and resuscitate according to my resurrection, death will no longer reach. The Scripture also shows it as such.

(5) But if you don't succeed in convincing yourselves that I am the first-born among you, how you can know who you are on Earth? You will ignore then why the announced kingdom arrives today. And it's for this reason that John says, in his epistle:

And now, dear children (it's you), continue in him, so that when he appears we may be confident and unashamed before him at his coming.
Then he adds besides:
Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. But we know that when Christ appears, we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is.

(6) Independently of the fact that he announces, there also, the coming of the Son, would John speak like this if he had witnessed the advent of Jesus differently that by the spirit? This advent, whose aim is to take the circumcised of heart under new heaven, happen only when man can grasp his true nature. Those who get enlighten this day indeed understand that they are similar to the Son, because they see that he is similar to all men and the average of them all. Thus make him your banner and your salvation, because he is the master of justice that the world was to receive for the day when the Earth would be visited. And you came to that day.

(7) From the beginning, I made you understand that the coming of this man (the Shiloh) occurs at the appropriate moment in every world of the sky, otherwise this world would die. And, although he is placed at the head of the world by the prophets, this son, the Almighty has anointed, is an accessible man by whomever.

(8) If I talk of you all the chosen ones and of the Son, is so that the glory of God bursts on the whole Earth; because his glory is the demonstration of his people, and indeed the passover! I explained at length that the passover consists of eating the lamb and in making the passage from the world of darkness into the world of light which begins. That's why you have to eat the bread of heaven that the Son represents himself (as if you eat his flesh) and drink his words (as if you drink his blood), because everything is true in his mouth.

(9) Therefore it is not for one of those who rules, or to anyone else, that it is written in the forty-fifth psalm:

Your throne, O God, will last for ever and ever;
A scepter of justice will be the scepter of your kingdom.
You love righteousness and hate wickedness;
Therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions
By anointing you with the oil of joy.

Indeed, the one that the prophets call God, as God, like the justice and hate the wickedness. And those he comes to fight with is double-edged sword will measure the effects. Maybe they will understand then why Joshua (the leader of the hebrew) prostrates himself personally before this man who is suddenly standing up before him, his sword drawn in his hand, and who he asked:

Are you for us or for our enemies? Neither, he replied, but as commander of the army of the Lord I have now come. Then Joshua fell facedown to the ground in reverence.

Certainly, I don't ask you to do the same, you who are similar to the Son, because you know even better than Joshua the one who comes to fight the world with its sword. Understand only the sense of what is shown here by the Scripture.

On the man and woman

(10) However, so that your resurrection is carried out and so that the new world becomes reality, you must also have a perfect comprehension of the characteristics of the man and the woman that God chooses. First to define their nature and their character, let's go back temporarily to realize that they are comparable at the image of the creative current, composed on one side by the intake and the other side by the consumption. In this, one can compare Adam to the Sun which brings, and Eve to the planet which spends. We recognize the distinctive elements appropriate to each, as well as the whole they form together and allows them to procreate.

(11) It was explained at length that without consumption, there can be no intake and that without intake there can't be consumption and that both are the principle of existence of celestial bodies and beings. Therefore, there is no superiority or inferiority of either of these two parts of opposite and similar sens. You shouldn't thus see the woman inferior to the man or the man inferior to the woman, in so far as such thoughts can only be the demonstration of an immense deficiency of the reasoning.

(12) Certainly, man is superior to the woman to carry bags of grains, and the woman is superior to man to make delicate works, because their role in life is complementary. The famous principle of existence with which we demonstrated the universe, indicates that who wants to see it in their couple, the man is spirit and the woman is life. This is moreover because it is so that, wherever there are no women, everything seems dead. But because she is life, it is natural that she is more attached to the material things whose she has an immediate need for her family, than to the study of the spiritual things which falls more to the man in whom she confides. So, the woman worries more about immediate needs than things to come which concern more her husband. What, sometimes, can take them in some small misunderstandings...

(13) Notice with attention that man produces what his family needs (as the Sun does), and the woman gets what he gives and that she prepares for one's family (as does the earth). We so see that the woman is the pivot of the family. That is why the man produces and brings, whereas the woman receives and spends, even when she gives birth. Such is their condition. And everything is very well like so, because this is about the original order in which, in the style of the celestial bodies, each finds its own place, its role, and its enjoyment.

On the polishing of the customs

(14) Being Adam whom God calls on the evening, I know Eve. That is why I say that the woman is really happy only when she is under the glances of the man of which she is in love and under the protective wing of whom she abides by start a family. It is about an essential need of the woman, which ensues from the order of the principle of existence.

(15) But, in this world of confusion, I noticed that many men sometimes used singular methods to exercise some authority on his wife. I saw, according to the peoples, some locking their wife and their daughters being afraid that they would go away, some others do cover them with a bag from head to toes so that we can't see their forms and their face; and a very large number, in all countries, do have less consideration for the woman that they would have for a cattle. I saw that in this a world that is ending and that woman despaired not to see their lord in their husband.

(16) If girls weren't led on the paths of the corruption, but in the ways of God, nobody would need to have recourse to such practices, because the woman who is afraid of God is always exemplary in her behaviour. You thus, the sons of Zion, you have to change a lot so that your wives find in you one with it's good to live. You dragged them too often in what caused them all the suffering and bitterness. By obeying to your ministers of nothingness and all those who govern, you made their children die under their own eyes; and you took them in mists until they find themselves alone, desperate and without future. All this would increase the pain of their pregnancy, because they suffer a lot from the fear of giving birth in a world of darkness, dedicated to disappear. And it is indeed what God predicts to Eve in the morning of the world, when he says to her that he would increase the pains of her pregnancies because she allowed to be seduced by the charming words of the snake; and to have pulled, after that, her husband to do what isn't right.

(17) That's why, you the carefree women, if you had listened to God and not those who seize your children from birth, today you wouldn't give birth in the pain, but in the enjoyment. And to be constantly in search of those who lose the world, you are largely guilty of what is happening. This is, because you have eyes only for the rich and those who are high-ranking, while these are the worst men whom the Earth gave birth to. That is why, although I do forgive your sins, know that you aren't foreign to the misfortunes which beat down at the world. Could you not read the psalms, Isaiah, the proverbs, and the law, saying: you won't lie? You won't desire what belongs to others? You won't commit adultery? Apparently, this isn't what you practised when you covet the husbands of your fellowmen, in spite of the suffering which it caused to your sisters, and by making their children some innocent victims.

(18) We don't build our house on the misfortune of others, women, because whoever does that is cursed by God. I don't overburden you. I show why a lot of you became insensible in the troubles of others, venal, shameless, unchaste, arrogant, haughty, jealous, slanderous, and of which it is necessary to beware! Grasping and insatiable, these women think henceforth only of money, of their appearance, seduction and in the pleasures of flesh. And although I so speak, I don't cover with dirt your faces; I wash them on the contrary, because they do need it on the evening of the world. If ever the Son doesn't do it, who will? Also if he wasn't doing it, what would happen to you?

(19) The harvest of this world won't take place, women, it has no fruit to give you. And Isaiah tells you loud and clear:

You women who are so complacent,
Rise up and listen to me!
You daughters who feel secure,
Hear what I have to say!
In little more than a year
You who feel secure will tremble;
The grape harvest will fail,
And the harvest of fruit will not come.
Tremble, you complacent women;
Shudder, you daughters who feel secure!
Strip off your fine clothes
And wrap yourselves in rags!

(20) Isaiah is angry at you, and he isn't wrong. But why does he say that you will tremble in one year and some days and that it is all for the harvest? Because this word, which was written yesterday to be heard today, indicates that you will tremble in the days which follow the advent of the Son of man. The year which follows my coming in the world, is one year of grace on behalf of the Eternal, one year of peace so that man open the eyes of his works and looks at me. It is after that he trembles; and it is for the same reason that it is written that the Earth trembles when the Son is crucified. And you women, you aren't foreign to it. I forgive you willingly however, because you weren't conscious of what you did in these times of ignorance where nobody could discern anything. So, be not afraid, the prophets rebuke you in order for you to rise and save you. Thus gird your loins as Isaiah asks you to do, and don't persist in the ways of the sons of perdition. Think about circumcision of the heart of man, to never deceive you in your choices, because anything that is not in the domain of the heart is accessory.

(21) To know God, it is necessary to know the entire truth as I teach it in the temple. That is why many deserve my forgiveness today, even if they have bruised their cheeks and their forehead. Mary is thus the name of all those circumcised of heart who, today, arise from Zion. If thus you bear the grace of the Father upon your faces, by being sweet, discreet, devoted, pleasant, diligent, full of energy, believer, exemplary in the language, the restraint and the behaviour, you are not to be afraid of anything at the end; you are the girls of the sky that God protects jealously.

(22) However, you should know that the Father turns away from those who don't cultivate their femininity and who want to govern, because this way of being is against the principle of existence and its order. Does the planet command the Sun? Of course it does not. And it must be the same for women and men otherwise they are against nature and go to perdition.

(23) Be thus like those whom I describe and which are feminine, avid to learn, delicate, faithful, brave, beautiful to contemplate and humble as the children; because this is how we belong to the people of God and to the world of angels! Keep away then from those who estimate themselves at a high price, and who are fickle, changeable, and indiscreet; and also of those who commit adultery. Behave the same way by keeping away from those who assert that we live only once and who lose their soul with such thoughts, because they then believe that everything is permitted. They are these women who spoil the world because, by trampling the values, they delete the sources of happiness.

On the prayer

(24) Only by acknowledging what we are, that we know what we do. That is why, you who all rise from Zion behind me, I show you whom you are and set you up on the way with simple commandments, so that you don't destroy any more the Earth and your souls. However, it isn't me, but God who searches your hearts and will guide your feet into his kingdom. You then must only pray the Father, not his son or anybody else.

(25) And when you pray God to help you to surmount a difficult moment, do it in secret, hidden from glances. Don't act like the hypocrites religious who pretend to pray to the Father by moving their lips and by distorting their faces, so that we observe them and that we can see how much their faith is aching and immense is their suffering... These people, the Son despise them and the Father loathes them! I show you what it is so that God answer your prayers. Otherwise, he won't hear you; he will divert from you his glances, as he does it with these hypocrites. But if you always have the heart and the spirit of your youth, and if you love God with all your soul, then, even before you asked him something, you will be fulfilled.

(26) The prayer consists in addressing the Father with respect, secretly and without intermediary. And when we seek him, it is necessary to do it silently, without feign and with humility. For that purpose, there is neither time, nor certain days, or buildings, or places, or a particular country to pray God. But he who doesn't love Him with a pure heart, doesn't pray him, because it is His anger that he would draw onto him! Thus know that the prayer is always individual and never collective, and that only the one who is heard is the one who does it with sincerity and in secret.

On the duties towards God

(27) People who pretend to pray God, are also those who always want to descend into the depths of life, without even knowing the surface! You are not on Earth to torment your mind in the competence of the Creator, nor to experience life in you, but to take advantage of all that is good. Now, in this agitated world and without light, many lock themselves behind walls in the name of a religion or conviction, to meditate and worship God, they say! But you, the chosen ones, listen to me! If you had a brother or a sister who so locks himself to serve your father, how could he serve him? And how would your father look at them? No, those who so withdraw from the world, and living men with men or women with women, or who withdraw from the world to live alone, are not servants of God. These are at the contrary the lazy and the cowards who prefer to abandon their own and refrain from everything, rather than to starting a family for the Eternal.

(28) Whoever wants to serve God, begins by marrying one of his daughters. This one doesn't withdraw far from the world and doesn't abstain from acting; because if he commits a mistake he corrects it, if he sins he repents, and if he commits an evil act inadvertently, the law is there to bring him back in a straight line. His soul will not get lost, while it is dying by not having to choose between good and evil. Indeed, hermits with what lived can they form carve the invaluable writings of the soul which are intended for the eternal life? By contemplating their shoes? By singing some canticle? By sprinkling perfume on skull? These people were necessary, but only so that the Son shows that they are part of the nothingness and that in the nothingness they will stay. Because, what do they do so extraordinary, and the Father can be grateful to them about what? They withdrew, but to be excluded from the kingdom and from the eternal life. If thus they persist and don't repent, the doors of the kingdom will remain closed to them.

(29) Adam and Eve have to marry to start a family. Not to do it, is to remain alone, devoid of any utility, up to the point to prefer death. What leads to say: I am useless on this Earth! Or: Life is so difficult! Yet: How am I supposed to live? Wasn't it your shouts? To make it stops, God sends me to bring light upon you on the masculine and the feminine, and to give you the law which brings peace upon the whole world. Thus accept my coming, and don't underestimate the advice that I give you.

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