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Third part: the rules of existence


Evolution of humanity

(1) The end of the movement of the Earth, and the appearance of the ideal conditions of life which took place since the equator towards the poles, reveal to us why humanity exists in a decreasing color passing by four nuances. This stabilization of the Earth and climate also indicates us that the creation of man wasn't doing whith stops, but in one go, in a single birth movement started from the equator.

Development of peoples

(2) It is also very interesting to know that human world didn't develop from a single couple and in a single country, but that its expansion was made from several original couples and from several countries, also coming from islands. Indeed, with the comings and goings of the Earth, it is henceforth within reach of all to see that the temperate climate, indispensable to human existence, eventually spread out all around the globe. That is why men came everywhere where life conditions allowed their creation. It is then necessary to stop believing that the world, in which men are today as numerous as the sand of the sea, would have had a single country and a single couple for beginnings, especially that the consanguinity opposes to it formally.

(3) The movements of our planet also allow us to observe that the first black men, were created here and there all over the equatorial regions of the globe, didn't moved to other continents and washed-out along the way in the rain to become brown, then yellow, then white, as maintain the eminent prehistorians and the other scientists! No, the snake demonstrates that it cannot be like this. That is why, the black men always engender black children, the browns the brown children, the yellows the yellow children, the whites the white children. And it will always keep on and on, because humanity is God's temple which needs these four colored columns to live.

(4) In order to convince you, know how to see that the movement of the favorable climate to the creation of man formed a border line around the globe, and the development of this line left behind it men and women who multiplied according to their color. Then, they populated gradually all countries which marked them by their imprints and accents. Some stayed where they were, whereas others went away to become established a little further. And they grew and filled the Earth as God had asked them.

(5) The countries which gave birth to men of a color, didn't offer the conditions of existence for men of a different color. And it is the same even today and will always be. Consequently, those who aren't native of the countries where their first ancestors were born must not live in these places, otherwise they will be intruders who will necessarily cause misfortune. You shouldn't however be confused with the normal land use of the nearby and virgin countries by the peoples of the first days of humanity, with the horrifying colonization committed by the conquerors who stole entire countries to their inhabitants. When we have some respect for men, we don't go to exterminate them and appropriate their country! Many did it however, by scoffing God's commandments. Be not thus amazed by the punishment promised to those who acted with such contempt of human beings. God keeps his promises. And, in this day of the last judgment, each will recognized their acts, I tell you.

Unity of peoples

(6) That the only decreasing and uninterrupted color of humanity makes you listen forever that there is no race superior or inferior to another one, because God created all his children with the same love. We cannot be above our brothers only to exploit them, or to destroy the Earth and make its inhabitants die. We can by no means be upper for make live, because each knows what makes him live in his country since the world was created. And if it pleased God to create his children in colors which correspond to natural environment whose He has extracted them, it is so that each of them recognize his country, his people, his race, and protects his integrity.

(7) The four nuances of the human color put in evidence that the individuals were successively created with their precious differences. These are indeed necessary so the aptitudes of some and the others add up to form a larger body (a tribe for example), so that he is able to live in harmony with his natural environment. So, because we cannot exist or live alone, it is indispensable to maintain the integrity and the specificity of every individual, so that all keep their differences and safeguard their race. For all that to happen, it is necessary to like and to maintain his indispensable differences, by refraining from standardize the thoughts by a unique culture and standardize bodies by illicit marriages.

(8) As all what exists, the colors of men have a reason for being. This reason is first of all that each knows who he is, and preserves himself from what can alter his person, his soul, as well as his family, his tribe or his people. It is obvious that if men continued to mix their blood by marriages between men and women of different colors, it wouldn't take very long for humanity to become uniform and disappear from the Earth. Because there is no country to make live durably men becoming similar, on Earth there are not regions stemming from mixtures of continents and climates to receive fruits of these love.

(9) If we could melt together all climates and all countries of the Earth, and to make possible that the same minerals, the same vegetables and the same animals are on all continents and islands, to which we could give an identical relief, and a comparable period of sunshine, similar seasons and an equal amount of rains, then men could mix their blood. But because we can't standardize the ground, climates, and all the elements which compose the conditions of life, refrain formally from marriages which eliminate races by descendants, bringing so, faster or slower, the extinction of the whole humanity on our young Earth.

(10) Believe that the cancellation of human differences amounts to the progressive cancellation of humanity, because no human being can be the just answer of all countries and peoples on Earth. Beware then of a unique language, a unique morphology, a unique color and a unique way of life; because, by becoming uniform and sensitive only to the same things, you would go down in the nothingness without ever being able to come back up. Don't defy thus any more the Creator's will which created different men so that each can protect his people and his qualities.

(11) The children stemming from marriages against nature, are necessarily without people and without possibility to know where their country and their roots are. Disorientated, foreign to everything and far-off the spirit of their people, they can no longer determine what should be their thoughts, their morality and their behaviour. In spite of it, they will not be rejected, neither by the Father nor by the Son, because they are victims of darkness and the unconsciousness of their parents. Nevertheless, the interbreeding has to stop on this planet; because every race is very precious to humanity, and has to live such as God created it.

(12) Although our Earth is at the bottom of the big spiral where it begins its long road of life, we see however the general confusion reigning among peoples where men of different origin are gathered. Tensions build up between themselves, because the country where they are can't correspond to each of them. And because many aren't at their place, all come up against and eventually hate each. To bring an end to this and so returns the respect of integrity of human beings, every man will live only in the country of his origin. Not to do it, would be a voluntary offence to the law of the Almighty and to bring on one the punishment, which is going to be given.

(13) However what we say about the consecutive faults at bring illicit marriages doesn't apply to waterside peoples belonging to identical ethnic groups, because the borders which we draw on the ground and which separate them don't make of them different people. Having a similar spirit, similar needs, and corresponding to the same conditions of life, people of these peoples can then without damage get married between them and procreate.

(14) The great disorder which results from mixture of the populations and from the half-blood, increases considerably in these last moments of the world. But isn't this the results from those who reign over nations since the antiquity, by leading peoples to war, myth, lying and hypocrisy? That's exactly it, and many take advantage of the immense spiritual weakness which ensues from it to sit their domination on other peoples using force, economy or ideology. Their successes make them believe that they belong to a superior race which must necessarily reign over the entire world...

Transformation of nations

(15) Men must be watchful to rise by spirit in order to not degenerate and bring humanity to its end. But, how did they live at the beginning of their existence? When they appeared in the purity of the beginnings, we conceive easily that they were pure and similar to children playing in the garden. Their heart was necessarily good, their spirit wasn't corrupted yet. They weren't belligerent and weren't making war, especially as they evolved in large spaces where animals abounded. Very few still, they joined to get themselves their subsistence and face the adversity. But, fertile, they quickly increased their number, because the need of the human presence was being strongly felt those times.

(16) As birds always knew how to make their nest, men, who are above all beings, knew how to build their house since they first came into the world. For this there has never existed cavemen, as the anthropologists assert it, but only caves and grottos being on the path of human groups which moved and borrowed them, during hunting for example. On bad weather, people of these primitive tribes liked to draw animals on the grotto walls which sheltered them, to leave a durable track of their passage, just like it is a pleasure for the navigators who paint beautifully their boat on the walls of certain ports where they stop or in which they take shelter for a while.

(17) Former or recent, these murals aimed at testify of a passage and at compete with aesthetics of those which preceded them. That is why, when the first men took shelter in a grotto, they felt obliged to draw animals, to show their talent, but also to prove themselves that they were atop of everything in particular animals on which they fed. Since ever we know man at his works. And it is because of this evidence, that we imagine very well original men apply to paint, with their wives and children, these magnificent rupestral figures that we can even contemplate nowadays.

(18) This need, for the man, to testify of its own existence, is also the origin of dolmens, pyramids and other symbolic constructions, because these works are tracks wanted by those who ardently wished to leave an indelible imprint of their presence on earth.

(19) We also understand that the original men lived in families, in tribes and in peoples bounded by their language that they never stopped developing. In their respective country, all understood each other. During the first millenniums which were necessary for their formation, they lived in Eden. So every people, on his continent or on his island, evolved in the serenity and in harmony with elements. There was no misery or suffering, disease was very rare. The servitude was unknown, because Cain hadn't rise yet and Abel slept quietly. The entire Earth was magnificent and covered with greenery and animals that God had created. There were still only few men, and all lived in the abundance and in purity of the original sources. They only took what they needed. The laughter dominated tears.

(20) In these charming debuts of humanity, men and women found naturally their place and their role within their family and within their tribe. Knowing that their hands couldn't weave the same treads, a man didn't try to compete with femininity of the woman, and the woman didn't want to replace man neither competes with him. No, it wasn't yet the confusion of the genders, because Adam and Eve knew that their differences were the source of their love from which they drew their force and their enjoyment. Like this they took big pleasure from their marriage and the beauty of the world. All they did was obvious. Correcting themselves according to their experiences, they quickly progressed in the know-how. It was there so during the first millenniums. Then Cain rose and, having killed Abel, he built the city with his sons. It was then the beginning of the misfortune which led the world to its ruin.

(21) It is necessary to know that a nation gets made only with the country and the people to whom this country gives birth to. Formerly, the nation was by no means compound of vast human and foreign groups which lived in the same region. No, it wasn't another human community compound of men came from all countries, as are the nations of this end of century. It was made by a people compounded of native tribes of places and speaking about the same language. There were no authoritarian leaders in the beginnings of the world, what also means no subordinates. All were similar and formed together their projects. Nobody was slave or at the orders of anyone. They were as free as birds. The differences being appreciated, the brotherhood was obvious.

(22) Men from the origin were necessarily simple, pure, warm and brotherly. And their nation, in outlines defined by the language of the people, was at their image. It was very different compared to these nations on the evening of the world, from these domains bounded by artificial borders inside which we attend to the massacre of the inhabitants! They aren't nations, they are companies of destructions arisen from the darkness and the war customs, because we deform sites: The country is looted, ruined, destroyed, polluted. We also make suffer the animals from their birth to their death, and we deceive, we exploit, we add, we strike, and we imprison even young people, when even we torture or kill the inhabitants. It is abjection in its biggest dimensions and of horrible ways of suffering for the weakest, but honors for those who govern them...

(23) The power of darkness is terrible because, in six thousand years only, harmonious tribes of the Eden arrived at the horror of the big current nations. It was so, because having rejected God and his law, men began the search of a model of company in which to refer. And you are always in search of this model; because you see that, whatever you do, it always uncorks to the injustice, destruction, war and misfortune. By having a golden calf for God and miserable braggarts for directors, it can't be otherwise however. It is yet the reign of these criminals and calamities that they bring, by condemning future generations.

(24) Admit what I'm telling you. Because, since Cain killed Abel, his brother, there has never been another manners to live except the one imposed by uncircumcised and the golden calf that they serve. And you are since always conditioned to live as so, without being able for just a moment to live otherwise. Do you agree however that if a way to be and to behave takes the world to disaster, it exists necessarily its opposite? I say: because the societies of this world are associations of sectarian, conceited and bounded people, who lead inevitably the world to its end, it is that there is another way of living which leaves intact the Earth and its inhabitants. And it is towards this other way of living that I take you!

(25) The darkness are also source of anguish, fear, anxiety, because since ever men were afraid of those whom placed at their head by force, or that they have chosen for reign over them. They indeed saw that the ways in which they led them always ended in injustice, in misery and war. This is why following the first nations, there was only war over war and time of preparation of new wars, until this day where similar war rumors are still heard. And it is these uncountable wars of conquest, religions and supremacy which are at the origin of fortified cities and of development of weapons.

(26) The origin of the large city and armed nations, is the fear under all its forms. And only knowledge will eliminate for ever this fear which took several faces in the centuries, but which remains not less the cause of the increasing squeezing of men in the cities where they quickly degenerate. This degeneracy is undeniable in all nations; because in these last moments of the world, wherever we look, we see Sodom and Gomorrah! The perversion is indeed at its extreme, it is for man as well as for woman, and affects most of the children. This misfortune couldn't be however avoided because, to abandon God and his law to serve blindly goats and their laws, is to evolve in the bad sense and to lose necessarily all morality. We become then like animals.

(27) Because all societies are built as a reflection of romans, we know then with their precepts of traditions and their laws, they can't oppose any more to the monstrous growth of cities. They only can on the contrary to encourage it. So, by pushing the extension of cities to the extreme, it seems that they would eventually to join, by forming only a big one which would cover all the territory... Already, in different country, several big cities operated their junction, by increasing even more their monstrousness.

(28) With the fields disappearing a little more every day, would we be able then to raise cows, sheep, horses and all cattle on boats attached along the coasts? Would we give them to eat the foam of the waves? Would we produce grain, vegetables, food plants and fruits on the mountains tops? How far this frenzied development of cities and of habitat would go if nothing interrupted it? The urbanism pushed to the extreme, as well as the intense mechanization and profit, could prevent this?

(29) For your leaders, the city which develops as a tumor isn't a monstrousness. It is on the contrary the happy future of humanity... We see then plains and valleys, as well as the most beautiful fields that we cultivate, to cover themselves quickly with cement, asphalt, buildings, with iron and machines of steel! Be however reassured, because neither you nor your children will see farms along banks or cultures of wheat on summits. It won't happen. Because already the pollution which soils everything and deteriorates the climate, as well as the intense deforestation, the disappearance of the species, the impoverishment of mineral resources, the exhausting quest of money, the escalation in the armament aroused by the defense of interests, and to which things are added war, misery, denaturation, proliferation of poor people and the multiplication of lightning and incurable diseases that these things bring, appeal already to the lake of fire, which is the only power able put an end to all these calamities.

(30) Because humanity wanted to evolve alone, without God, the world is already at the edge of this holocaust announced for a long time. And it will take place. You can then abandon your ideals and your political projects whatever they are, because they are apart from all reality. Isn't it indeed utopian to believe that this urban world remote from nature, which sinks always faster into the nothingness and horror, is a world which will always last? Those who govern you, by aggravating more and more disasters, however persuade you. They entail you easily in their ways, because the utopia, in which they bathe for perfume themselves, is an effective means to hide their smell and make you walk at their sides. Then nobody notices that the dark herald clouds of this terrible ordeal are the consequences of the transgression of God's law, brought by Moses..

(31) Isaiah recommends you however to distrust those who govern you and entail you in their own ways. He says:

Stop trusting in mere humans,
who have but a breath in their nostrils.
Why hold them in esteem?

(32) To measure their value, let examine one by one those who reign in cities and nations on the evening of the world; you will find in them only dry bones, devoid of flesh, because they died. Thus place your salvation in the Son of man whose word is word of the Eternal, there is no other word. Because your reason for living is in the holy city of the kingdom towards which he leads you with the knowledge, and in your soul which will live throughout the path of the life. Then listen to the one who gives his days to show the way of salvation, by thinking that if a single leader of people can annihilate the whole world with weapons whose he has, it is as well as only one, the Son of man, will save it with other weapons. Here is God's justice.

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