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Third part: the rules of existence


The bad practices

(1) Our study of the worlds has revealed to us the existence of a unique spirit, of this incommensurately spirit by which we exist and in the middle of which celestial bodies evolve. This is why Jesus said:

God is spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.

Henceforth, will be decreased to the rank of animal those who won't succeed in understanding that the Eternal is the celestial Spirit which creates everything, up to man, so that man is his temple. Now, many won't know how to hear this; because, having been for a long time blinded by their leaders in whom they confide, they move away more from the truth. Believing what isn't, and filled of what you don't need; they go where they shouldn't go. Be careful not to join them, you the chosen ones. Let them say and do what pleases them.

Blindness and deafness of the man

(2) If your government could recognize the existence of the Creator, they would come down from their pedestal and would humiliate themselves. But, uncircumcised, they cannot do so, especially they think to accomplish a mission, whose they can't perceive the sense of it however. How would they know that God wanted they exist in order that they disappear forever? They don't know this, because they can't hear it. If sometimes they look up in the sky to show you their faith and to seduce you, they abstain however from quoting the passages of the Scripture where it is mentioned that the great and the powerful are in abomination to the Father. Deprived of any understanding, these men who govern you cannot grasp what the purgatory is: this famous purge of the Earth which arrives and from which they won't escape.

(3) If you read suitably the Scripture, it will reveal to you what happen to those high-ranking men. But I know that you are not many to want to learn about, because many will prefer to deny the evidence for not be disturbed in their habits and projects. The Scriptures? never heard of! they will answer. Or yet: I cannot read them! What brings to my mind this word of Isaiah:

For you this whole vision is nothing but words sealed in a scroll.
And if you give the scroll to someone who can read, and say,
Read this, please!
They will answer: I can’t; it is sealed.
Or if you give the scroll to someone who cannot read, and say,
Read this, please!
They will answer: I don’t know how to read!

The Lord says:
These people come near to me with their mouth
And honor me with their lips,
But their hearts are far from me.
Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been

(4) Besides, it is also written for this day:

In that day the deaf will hear the words of the scroll,
And out of gloom and darkness
The eyes of the blind will see.

That day, when the deaf hear and when the blind see, is precisely the day when you are in the presence of the Son. Don't you hear today the words of the Scripture which I quote? And with the snake of the movement of the Earth which expresses the six days and the seventh day, aren't you these blind people freed from the obscurity and the darkness? You are, because you see clearly what was and what will be. And you even know who is the one who opens the eyes of the blind people with his saliva, and why you have to follow him.

The right of kings and the servitude

(5) But, because you also confide in the great and not in the Eternal, I must destroy their corrupted world, otherwise it is it which will destroy you! Whatever is their title, the leaders of peoples are all kings following their own ways, by taking you where you know. But I still have something to show in the Scripture where they appear, and what their punishment is. First of all, know that if they think they are the possessors of the divine right, it's because they largely confuse their calibre with this one of spiritual kings in the Scriptures... This is so since the antique times when the most violent and the most hypocritical men got up, by proclaiming themselves kings. And to sit their authority, they provoked war to other peoples...

(6) But sometimes, in other countries, kings were chosen by the people, as in the days of Samuel who was very unfortunate to see the people rejecting him and asking vociferously a king to replace him, a king who would assume necessarily the rights over men. Seeing all this in a tumult, the Eternal says to Samuel:

Listen to all that the people are saying to you; it is not you they have rejected, but they have rejected me as their king. Then God says him again: Now listen to them; but warn them solemnly and let them know what the king who will reign over them will claim as his rights. Samuel told all the words of the Lord to the people who were asking him for a king. He said: This is what the king who will reign over you will claim as his rights: He will take your sons and make them serve with his chariots and horses, and they will run in front of his chariots. Some he will assign to be commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, and others to plow his ground and reap his harvest, and still others to make weapons of war and equipment for his chariots. He will take your daughters to be perfumers and cooks and bakers (female workers). He will take the best of your fields and vineyards and olive groves and give them to his attendants. He will take a tenth of your grain and of your vintage and give it to his officials and attendants. Your male and female servants and the best of your cattle and donkeys he will take for his own use. He will take a tenth of your flocks, and you yourselves will become his slaves. When that day comes, you will cry out for relief from the king you have chosen, but the Lord will not answer you in that day. But the people refused to listen to Samuel. No! they said. We want a king over us. Then we will be like all the other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles. When Samuel heard all that the people said, he repeated it before the Lord. The Lord answered: Listen to them and give them a king. Then Samuel said to the Israelites: Everyone go back to your own town. (What means: let's establish king over you, it isn't even the hour of the renewal of all things)

(7) This is written so that all men would know, from time immemorial, nothing would change in these domains until the evening of the world. Since Samuel, isn't it not so in all countries? The stranglehold of the leaders of government is always total on your possessions and freedom, on bodies and your minds. Nothing has changed since the prophet made know what would do the kings to peoples. Those who reign still dispose of your lives as it pleases them, they seize your property, submit you to ransom by taxes and fees, make of you working men and women, and make walk young people ahead of their tanks! Everything does remain since men wanted kings in the place of God; and you aren't free but slaves, as God predicted it. And these slaves are increasingly unhappy because of the extra work imposed on them constantly.

(8) So the world knows how the reign of darkness was, Moses also speaks about these difficult times and about these unfortunates slaves in favor of whom he interceded. Indeed, in these days, we provided with dirt and straw to the sons of God held in slavery by kings, and we asked them to produce a certain quantity of bricks. Then, later, we said to them: Go yourselves look for the straw, and produce the same quantity of bricks! The people suffered and moaned because, for the profit of those who exploited them, we asked them to keep working more and more. Did it change since then, how did you do, as indicated, to work double time for the same salary? Examine, and you will understand finally what is the servitude in which I find you because of these kings and of their descendants who, since always, made walk men crying.

(9) It is good that these scandals are shown in example by Moses and Samuel, whose voice goes right to your ears. Now choose, because Jesus said:

So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.

(10) This allows you to grasp better why the Scriptures say that those who control nations with the military leaders and other high-ranking men, are the flesh for the great feast of God: To all the birds flying in midair, come, so that you may eat the flesh of kings, generals, and the mighty... Because, as it is written in John's apocalypse, you attend to this feast today (which is the passover of the Eternal) in the presence of the leader of his armies. This is the judgment and the fate of those who made believe to people that they had for mission to reign over them in the place of God, God who has just reached the extreme limit of his patience.

(11) Here is now what says to you the servant of the Eternal: you are led by men of very small size who, lit from the bottom of their pedestal, throw a gigantic shadow on the wall. So thinking you were led by giants, you followed them blindly. However, those at the top whom we call the great, I call them dwarfs. And those who are called: small people, by those at the top, me I call them giants. You the lambs, you are these giants led by dwarfs who need a throne elevated to be noticed and idolized. But, devoid of size, they will be obliged to climb on trees to see passing the Son of man... Isn't it in the Scripture, what does the centurion of the king? It is written, being of small size of the middle of the crowd, he is obliged to mount on a sycamore to see Jesus pass...

The oppressors and the oppressed

(12) Because of the reign of the angels of Satan, I find today a world filled with oppressors and oppressed, and no justice. Even the oppressed don't notice that the servitude has today taken the forms and aspects much more insidious than they were at the time of Moses. Indeed, those who formerly had chains on their feet could have a shelter, a little food and some clothes; while today, on the evening of the world, the excluded free of feet and movements, don't have shelter anymore, neither food, or clothes. And those working, in the freedom they say, being however at the order of those who command them, they fear in turn to fall in the run after money, then to be completely deprived of their property by the usurers. This is a sad spectacle to which I attend.

(13) Thus, no one knows which way to turn. The anxiety spreads on everybody, because your thoughts, your gestures and your movements constantly have to be translated into money for be appreciated by all, notably by those who rob you through fees and other kinds of taxes to live at your expense. In all countries, it is the reign of the criminals. Thus abandon the idea that it is with the forms of companies of this world you must live, because it is only business of destructions of the Earth and living beings.

(14) Now, neither men nor women are able to think for themselves, because everything is being dictated to them at distance by those who indoctrinate them, manipulate them and live from them. Then, how are they going to be able to hear the Son of man who comes to free them with the truth, to free them from their influences and from their chains? If only they could listen to him? If they hear him, even if only a little, will they have the strength to follow him to save their life?

(15) When we are obliged to work for others and for money, and not for ourselves, we aren't free. Now, the one who isn't free is necessarily in the servitude. Don't fear to abandon this world which enslaves you or imprisons. In fact, also you the chosen ones of God, during the month of your annual liberation, you look like madmen who run away in nature raising his arms towards the sky and by trampling everything in their passage. Here too: sad spectacle! I know that these words irritate you and hurt you deeply, nevertheless aren't they real? You are hurt because I show things in their reality, otherwise you would not be hurt at all.

(16) The leaders of the peoples also put pressure on all nations with the big threat of nuclear danger. This way, they oppress men by breaking the law of Moses. But it's because of what they are that they act thereby. Indeed,

  • The leaders of peoples, of a small size and of a grand vanity, lead you inevitably in the ways of the armament and war, by submitting you to servitude and to the ransom for which they make laws.
  • The military, such as wild dogs raised against men, are under the command for kill the entire populations. Uncommunicative and insensible, they leave behind them only ruins, ashes, bones and sobs
  • The conquerors, disdainful and without any human compassion, invade the countries of others by force and remove the sovereignty of the legitimate inhabitants, when they belittle them, humiliate them, coop up or kill them.
  • The traffickers, disrespectful of human beings, plunder the Earth for money and do everything destroy without any anxiety of consciousness.
  • The scientists, devoid of light but full of sufficiency, distort what lives, profess lies and shake the original order. And to prove that they are superior to all and to the Creator..., they go as far as modify the Nature and produce the means of mass extermination in front of your eyes.
  • The rich, greedy and fearful, pull the covers to them by uncovering the others. They place the weak in the destitution and misery, shamelessly without feeling the slightest pity.
  • The religious, such as parasites, take advantage abundantly of great and rich that they sanctify, as well as the poor exploited people whom they deceive in turn for suck their last drop of blood.

(17) But today, where nations pronounce their last words, it seems that these seven categories of men are indeed seven branches of the same tree giving poisoned fruits which lose the world. Everything being in their hands, nothing could escape them in any domain. That they are elected by the people or by themselves, they did what they wanted, they even changed the time of the day. And there was nobody to counter them! But it was until the light appears on the world and reveals their nudity which they hid under clothes of sheep. So shown in spectacle, these men who oppress people and the people will be decried then will disappear. You can then imagine the new world without them, and without those who compromise with them. That will give you a better appreciation of the kingdom in which you will enter.

(18) However, knowing that they have you conditioned for a long time, I will probably hear: among these high people who teach us and guide us, a lot of them who exist aren't completely bad! My answer is that, half of them unmistakably killed the world with less pain than did the other half, just like a rotten fruit making fall the others in rot. Stop then defending them because, did they defend you while teaching you lies, by upsetting your countries, and by summoning you to get involve in their war? By taking no notice of the species of the creation, the morality and the future of the children, as well as were abominable suffering which they spread all over the world, were they filled with benevolence and with love towards humanity? Who leads the herd in the abyss apart from those that they make graze?

The harmful activities

(19) It's easy however to see the ones who work for life, and those who work for death. And if we must have some recognition for those who treat and for those who provide the basic needs, we can only have hatred for those who bring the horror on this Earth where evil is pushed to its paroxysm. Because of the hypocrites, life is nothing more than threat, oppression and fear. The pleasure of existence has gone because, contrary to animals which know what makes them live, men led by others don't know, what makes them live or loses them. What is it thus which strikes them with such a curse, if it isn't because they rejected God to place kings at their head?

(20) Here listed this time the evil works resulting from this attitude that makes God out of his den today:

The elevation of man on man;
The search for honors;
The supremacy of some on the others;
The power, the money, the profit, the ownership;
The mechanization of the world;
The commercial universe and the globalization of the traffic;
The armament and the war arsenals;
The usage of the atom and the toxic products;
The national borders;
The immigration, the deportation, the transplantation;
The conquest and occupation of foreign countries;
The appropriation of grounds;
The development of cities;
The construction of isolated houses;
The burial of the campaigns under asphalt, cement and iron;
The disfigurement of sites;
The intense production of urban waste and their piles;
The pollution of water, air and earth;
The ceaseless noise;
The organization of territories;
The dryout of wet areas;
The diversion of streams or their dams;
The plunder of the earth and the sea;
The deforestation;
The production of food for profit;
The cultures and the intensive breeding;
The monoculture and the monobreeding;
The reduction or destruction of the species;
The disappearance of the original species by excessive selections;
The forced coupling of animals of different races;
The artificial insemination of animals;
The hardship of freedom of animals and the cruelties committed on them;
As well as the death spectacle made with them;
are together abominations at the eyes of the Eternal!

The genetic modification of the living bodies;
The artificial reproduction of the individuals;
The transplantation of elements of the body;
The illicit marriages;
The polygamy;
The belittlement of the woman, and her forced marriage;
The compulsory or usual wedding dowries;
The artificial insemination of the woman;
The excision of an intimate part of girls;
Indelible figures made on the skin;
The captivity and the exploitation of human beings;
The transvestism, the homosexuality, the incest, the pedophilia;
The violation and the exploitation of the children;
The dislocation of families;
The rejection of the woman;
The abandon of his children or his father or his mother;
As well as any other kinds of disrespect to his fellow man,
are also insults made to the Father!

And still,
The formation of powers;
The interdependence of nations;
The custom of a unique language in the world;
The use of a foreign language by people;
The opposition to the expression of others;
The idolization and the other fanaticism;
The hierarchy;
The submission of the man to the man;
The relinquishment of the personality and the sovereignty;
The racism;
The exploitation of the man;
The oppressions and the cruelties committed on human beings;
The labour or the forced exclusion;
The automation of gestures;
The works which we do daily for the profit of others;
The national songs and the other symbols of nations;
The solemn remembrances;
The pilgrimages;
The sectarian practices;
The standardization of the thoughts and behaviours;
The propagandas;
The instigations to consume;
The fashions;
The luxury;
The custom of substances which modify the spirit, the body or the behaviour;
As well as the orientation of the children in these ways of abysses;
are together the source of anger of God, and of his great feast on the evening of the world.

(21) These are illicit and injurious acts committed before the face of the Eternal. So, nations are going to be chastised according to what they did. Now the one who isn't in agreement with these judgments must not hope to enter in the kingdom where these things bringing oppression and the end will no longer be practiced. God's judgments are expressed by his only son. That is why, you consider that his judgments are good and you follow him into the kingdom, or you consider that they are bad and leave him; because he can't take every men of the entire world. Isn't it written that each would be judged according to his work? You are in front of this judgment today.

The confusion of the good and evil

(22) All these evil works call upon to the law of heaven which prevents their return. And if some people think that the woman is inferior to man and we can dispose of her as we wish it, I answer to them that Eve is half of God's work which is man, and that is why we find as many Adam as we find Eve among peoples - It is thus obvious that the woman is, in every aspect, the equal of man - That is why those who take several wives make the woman inferior, and so denigrate the Creator. Whoever will persist in these ways, will lose his soul and will be rejected. He won't live. Thus watch your thoughts.

(23) Others will say: Organ transplantation is it a bad action committed before the Eternal? My answer to this is that the obnoxious doesn't avoid those who don't understand that man should remain in his integrity. You aren't machines that we repair with spare parts which are out of service! Although the sharp increase of the victims of this world gone crazy obliges the medicine to develop to excess, you shouldn't hope to do an habit to transplant organs of dead onto living, because there is some difference between treat and desecrate.

(24) Unable to curb those who save lives, God closes one's eyes on this practices which exceed the tasks of the man. But he will not close them for long, because such interventions will no longer be practiced in the kingdom. The surgery will not go beyond the excision. Because if we can remove favorably a sick part of the body, or adding prosthesis, we desecrate this body by transplanting to it a foreign organ. On the days that will follow, man will refrain from these transplantations, because he will no more employ all his intelligence to treat, but to repel the diseases.

(25) The integrity of man is precious. It should be the same for his family, his tribe, his people and his race. But, this integrity disappears with the mixture of the populations and by illicit marriages which would make humanity to vanish because of the standardization of the individuals. This can only be reprobate; especially that in these domains, the occupation of the territory of the first nations by foreigners is an obvious violation of the law. That is why many are going to tremble let me tell you. Because to steal a country from its original people, and to do it by committing heinous exactions, up to the rape of the women and to the massacre of the inhabitants, is the worst infamy committed before the face of the Creator, who can't leave unpunished such actions! I say that the populations which have not their original roots in the countries of others where they became established using force are going to disappear from the face of the earth. Such is God's judgment which he ordered to man:

You will not kill.
You will not lie.
You will not desire what belongs to others.
You will not oppress your fellow man.
You will not take anything through violence.

(26) In the day of His visit, it was necessary to expect this judgment executed by the law and to be standing before the Son of man, as Jesus had asked. Therefore, if you belong to those who think: if we cannot get hold of the land of others and establish our houses on these lands, it is better not to be born! I answer them that they will not complete their days, because whoever prevents man to live as he whishes in his country, or who deprives the Earth or destroys the earth, loses henceforth the right to breathe. This one reigned, but henceforth he doesn't reign any more. I remove from him the ground from underneath his feet. Jesus said: all of which belongs to the Father belongs to the Son. That is why I said that I remove the Earth from underneath the feet of those who mistreat it to give it back to those who have more consideration for it, and they are certainly the circumcised heart.

(27) Since a first-born will not appropriate his mother, did not depriving his brothers and sisters, why then some do appropriate to themselves the nourishing Earth, by taking it away from those who come after them? Would it only be their mother, or is it the mother of all those living at all times? Those who take by force commit an injustice before the Eternal. But in the kingdom, it will not be like that, because the earth belongs to the one working with his own hands. And everyone will only live in his original country. Nobody will work for strangers. And nobody will submit himself to others by will or by force, especially as one who submits to man is even more hateful than the one to which he submits. We submit to God alone and not to man, to what value is this last one so that we dedicated ourselves to him?

The chosen ones and the excluded

(28) Always have in the mind that while breaking the rules of existence protected by the law of Moses, men became distorted and proliferated in an exaggerated way, by destroying everything in their passage. So, the conditions of existence decline from day to day and would eventually take the whole humanity if God wouldn't intervene today .

(29) Be not mistaken thus about the Son of man and about his mission. And don't make a mistake on the word of Jesus, saying that one man and one woman on two will be taken to the kingdom, and that one man and one woman on two will be left. He doesn't speak about deaf people who live in big cities and who are going to die with them, but the inhabitants of the campaigns who are the only ones who can still hear the truth. He says:

Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left. Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.

(30) Understanding that this day finally came, some people will say: Lord, Lord, all is not bad on this Earth which isn't yet completely destroyed! Why then would the end of the world come on us today and why not later? I answer that such words do justify by themselves an immediate end!

(31) But to those who know that we can't save any more what is completely destroyed, and that the blame of those who destroy outrageously the Earth and his inhabitants couldn't be carried over on their descent, I ask them to be careful not to confuse with those who are circumcised and who have to live with the uncircumcised that have to die. Because according to what is announced by Jesus, the man and the woman who won't follow me have no hope to enter into the kingdom of God. It will be the same for those who will follow me while looking back. We either walk with the Son without turning around and straight to the kingdom, or we don't want to leave this corrupt world, and we die. Lot's wife is shows alike, so that you are warned enough.

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