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Third part: the rules of existence


Birth of humanity

(1) With the electromagnetic activity of celestial bodies, we acquired the certainty that our Sun will become a huge star in a distant time, by going up the branch of the Galaxy. But, at the moment, and because it still possesses Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter which are yet growing within its family with their satellites, by increasing its overall inertia, the Sun is coming down at the moment towards the edge of the Galaxy. For these reasons, we know that solar family is one of the youngest families of the Wheel. But this youth is also noticeable by the moderate climate which is the result of the stabilization of the Earth which took place recently. Needing this stability, the humanity thus exists only recently. And it is in order that it remains that on God sends his only Son today.

Age of humanity

(2) Let's remind that these are the great and fast changes in temperature caused by the comings and goings of the Earth which shaped the continents. That is why, on the climatic and geologic aspect, there were many changes along the eras, till the beginning of the quaternary where the Earth stabilized. And it is because of this stabilization (which had only little influence on the relief) that it is very difficult to distinguish the tertiary from the quaternary, notably by studying grounds and climates. However it is easy to admit that the quaternary era (the sixth day) is the only era which could offer the climate and the conditions of life favorable to the existence of humanity. And it is this day when man was created, as Moses very well illustrated it.

(3) The beginning of the quaternary was essentially marked by the climatic change of the Earth which, having again traveled closer to the Sun, warmed itself constantly. The age of the quaternary, where the climate became temperate, gives as well the approximate age of the humanity that we can reasonably estimate at ten thousand years. At the beginning of this era, it was also the period when the big glaciers ended melting. We can also make such estimation based on the growth of humanity. We have already made this calculation, and we weren't able to situate the origin of man much more than ten thousand years... What moreover corresponds better to the vestiges that we find from the human presence.

(4) Because of the evident youth of solar family and all that we studied on the formation and the great changes in temperature, notably in the extremities of the eras, nobody can believe any longer that man existed since four million years, but instead that he exists since about ten thousand years, at the most. We have to estimate likewise the previous eras in thousand revolutions only, and not in million or billion years which challenge the understanding.

The four colors of humanity

(5) To understand the world and to know its destiny, it is inevitably necessary to have in mind that man is in his childhood on this planet which is itself at the bottom of the great spiral and initially of its existence. And, with the help of the snake, it is necessary to imagine how was the continual improvement of the conditions of life which allowed the creation of the humanity in its four colors with which are connected all peoples. These various and invaluable colors of men are consecutive, them too, at the progressive reheating of the Earth which was happening at the approach of the Sun. Here's how:

Moments of men’s creation
59 – Moments of men's creation

(6) We observe here the Earth at the exit of the tertiary, at the end of the comings and goings movement which admitted it to the quaternary where it stabilized. Although already warmed and covered with a very large number of animal species, the earth got a little closer to the Sun, by tightening gradually its orbits which brought it slowly in the region of the sky where we are today. What allowed obviously the equatorial region to become temperate at first. Then, while progressing forward, this sweeter temperature extended under all latitudes. This, finally created the proper conditions of life necessary for human existence which appeared at first at the equator (under tropics), and then they divided up on the whole globe which warmed itself slowly.

(7) It is then obvious that they are the very BLACK men who were created the first ones in the equatorial regions (1). Then, a little later and further from the equator (2), came the men less black and rather BROWNS of skin. Later even and always farther (3), they are the YELLOW men who arrived on earth. And lastly (4), they are the WHITE men who were born by ending the creation. These are the four generations which appeared one after the other and without disruption on the face of the Earth.

(8) Verily, when in the sixth day the garden was completed and filled with animals of all kinds, God created humanity in a same movement and in the single degraded color, passing by these four nuances. The humanity is the same as a single thread dyes for the first quarter in black, for the second quarter in brown, for the third quarter in yellow, and for the fourth quarter in white. It is about the four columns of God's temple, about the four degressive and distinct colors of humanity which are subdivided into races, peoples, tribes, families, into couples and children.

(9) If we consider that because of the Earth movement and the appearance of the favorable climate to human existence, approximately one thousand years were necessary to create people of a color, four thousand years were then used to create the whole humanity. The first black men were probably created approximately ten thousand years ago, and the last white men approximately six thousand years ago. Four thousand years would have been indispensable to create all the peoples under the Sun, and six thousand years furthermore so that they multiply each in their colors and fill the whole Earth. Although, being approximated and vague, these durations are however likely and very close to what was the historical past of humanity. We are now at the term of the six days, there where the world is led in the whole truth by the Son of man; and we are now entering in the seventh day, which is the beginning of God's reign, as it is expressed in genesis.

Formation of man

(10) The first couples of every race, were successively created here and there all around the globe. But, independently of the temperate climate which was indispensable to them, men needed the vegetable and animal creation which preceded them for their formation and to be able to remain. That is why, without the variety of the worlds of the previous eras, and without the vegetables and animals which preceded us in our era, the human world wouldn't be. It was indeed necessary to go through the climatic changes of the past and of the previous worlds so that our world exists today. What means, once again, that the living beings of an era couldn't be those from another era where the elements didn't correspond to what they were. It is such that no creature can be the right and just answer to the different life conditions from those which are at the origin of its color and of its race.

(11) How then should we represent man in regards to the Earth itself? It is written in Genesis:

Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

This pictorial description of the formation of the man, shows that the dust (the matter) which composes the earth composes necessarily the human body. Therefore, as for every being, man is integral part of the planet. It is the mouth and the spirit of the Earth; he is its child and the reason of existence of solar family. This is similar in all stellar families of the Galaxy, because by existing everywhere, life shows itself everywhere in God's universe. Stop then looking for its origin here on earth, because the breath of life comes from above and not from below.

(12) Being the last-born, man necessarily benefited from all which preceded him. And if we can't exactly know how God created him, we can nevertheless grasp that he continues to exist by the same ingredients necessary for his creation. We can also compare the man at a sum of added units the ones to others. When we compose a number, we add unit to unit. This way, one thousand is one thousand times one, and so on for all the numbers which cannot express anything else but a quantity of units. We notice while by adding a unit furthermore to a certain quantity, we can make tip over this quantity already formed in another category, as one more step of a ladder makes you change floor.

(13) Because of it, and although few things differ physically between man and the monkey appeared just before him, you shouldn't deduce that he was a monkey who has transformed himself in time. But we shall say: because by adding one more unit it can provoke a change of category or floor, why the enrichment of the natural and pervading environment, resulting from the work of the earth, wouldn't have been able to increase by a little the chromosome of the small monkeys which were going to develop in the entrails of their mother? Wouldn't the monkeys so have been able to give birth to the first men of the forests whose ancestors would be at the beginning of humanity? Wouldn't be then likely that after the formation of the monkeys, it was the formation of the black men who engendered gradually less dark and brown men who, in turn, engendered yellow men likewise, and these last ones of the whites; all this during a period of four thousand years?

(14) Lets all know, on this subject, that it is easier to envisage the original birth of man and woman in its entirety, from the bosom of the Earth. However, that men are created one way or another, fast or less fast, it doesn't have to be a part of our essential concerns, because we are here in difficult domains of access for the creature and where God doesn't ask us to go. Let's try rather to see that every creation had its originality and that it deviated from the previous one, because this is how was made the variety of the species along the eras and from the water.

(15) Verily, the important part is that we become aware of the real youth of man; and that this one is son of the universe before being a son of the Earth, and that it was never an animal, neither different from what we know of him today. His size, his morphology, his appearance, his intelligence and his capacities have never changed. Only his knowledge increased because of different experiences that he acquired. Born bipedal, above all and in the perfection of all shapes, man will eternally stay so to differ from the animal kingdom which he dominates.

(16) For the one who is saint of mind, it is easy to visualize the creation in its whole, beginning necessarily with the simplest living being, and ending by the most complex of all life beings, this last being man, the representative and the temple of the Divinity. The purpose of the book of life is to show it, to show who man is, where he comes from, where he goes, and how he has to live to not destroy anything.

(17) Beyond the celestial bodies from which we come from, the principle of existence can show us what man is compared to animal. How? First of all, we know that this principle which gets by integration-disintegration, or by intake-consumption, can also be understood by emission-reception of any creative force. In my language, to receive is everything which enters in oneself, and to emit is everything which goes out of oneself. Everything we receive from universe enters into us so we can exist and remain. Therefore, we understand that the first organisms didn't need to emit to be alive. They only had to receive to exist. So, the first living organisms existed only by direct creation, and not by procreation. It is only as the conditions of life increased, grew rich and was getting complicated in a sense, that creatures needed to resort to the intelligence and to procreation to remain. Which means emitting.

(18) This evolution has been from species to species and from world to world, until man appeared who dominates everything by his tremendous capacities. And it is his great spirit which allows him today to grasp the depths of the sky; while, for the animal, the universe limits itself in the middle of where it lives. It sees the Sun, the Earth, the elements and the beings quite as men can; but, for it, the world limits it to what surrounds it. Its intelligence remains then restricted.

(19)This is why, even if it's about a skillful monkey and studious on the evening of the world, it could not be taught to know that Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are solid bodies, surrounded with a gigantic atmosphere, which are getting ready to shine as the Sun. Consequently, it will never know that stars do shine thanks to their celestial bodies and each illuminates their world where there are expressive and skillful monkeys like him. Limited in his reasoning, and not being able to know the science of the Creator which brings him the being, the breath and the movement, he belongs necessarily at animal kingdom. Then, quite as his ancestors who were born monkeys, will remain as a monkey and will never be scholar...

(20) Contrary to the animal which is a part of its building, the man saint of mind, him, can be led in the whole truth. That is why, on the evening, when he arrives at the skull site with the Son, he grasps easily the hidden sense from an allegory, a metaphor or a parabola, because his ears can hear that day what means: get up, take your bed and walk! He understands all Scripture's words, and it is without forcing that he sees this time what is the resurrection of the dead in the last day and why it is written: in these days, blind persons will see. It is so, because by being freed from the scientific lies and the religious lies, man, whose spirit doesn't stop increasing along the centuries, can on the evening of the world easily differentiate the good from evil, as well as the truth from the fake. He is then at the zenith of the understanding and discerns perfectly the elements of universe which give him substance and spirit. He then coalesces with his Creator and becomes aware that this light which distinguishes him from the animal makes of him the greatest creature which could exist.

(21) I speak about you, the humbles of the Earth, you all the circumcised of heart who quickly understand the words of the Son of man. I am not talking about those who have difficulty to take the horse in race and still wondering: can we be certain that, in the universe, man is the greatest existing creature for which stars shine?

(22) At this question, I answer once again that it is the multiple perceptions of the man which compose his consciousness, his spirit with which he can identify all elements of the universe which gives him existence. And it is always his spirit which endows him with the word by which he thinks and holds reasoning. That is why, when he demonstrates both faces of the universal electromagnetism and the processes which bring his existence, man emits as much as he receives. He can then reach summits to which he didn't expect.

(23) What can we indeed demonstrate beyond the living universe which gives us existence? When we do it, we demonstrate God. Then we know that we are ourselves his temple, his house. Then we light up and change necessarily. Man is then indeed the first state of the angel. Which differentiates him of the animal. That is why I said that, in the universe, there can't be a being superior to the one who becomes an angel. And this is what you become, you who arise a second time from the spirit, with me.

The man and his environment

(24) We cannot know what man is from what we observe of him or from what he does, as I already said it. To understand who he is, let's remind that it is necessary to exclude at first the fact that beings were able to remain from one era to another, because the snake is showing us this impossibility, except maybe for some simple organisms which appeared on the warm dorsals at the bottom of basins. It is also necessary to think that being the last-born, man isn't a species as the others but a whole, because a species remains only if it is followed by the other one. What can't be the case for man who, created lastly, benefited from all of which existed to be the temple where God lives. Only man understands the universe. And when he reaches it, as you are doing it today, he can then only identified himself to Divinity.

(25) It is also advisable to remember that by being always the sum of the elements which precede it and which give it shape and abilities, a species is necessarily an integral part of the following species which is then even more complex than the previous one. To engrave in self this phenomenon of inheritance, let's think that the recently created species carries in it, let's say, colors (the genes) of all the species which preceded it. So, the creation appears like a single organism living within which if only a single species is missing it would be a real mutilation and a misfortune for ever.

(26) When they speak about prehominids, the great scientists evoke quadrupeds which were transformed and stood up in time, to become gradually monkeys' bipeds, hairless, with a human face... They so evoke singular beings which, in a space time, were not quite animals and not yet men. Knowing that you are very numerous to believe them, I ask you anew: a species which would have gradually lost its animal capacities to live, and which wouldn't have acquired those of men for do it, what would it thus have become meanwhile to survive during the millions of years necessary for its evolution? Besides, if the evolution of the species was real, why then there would have been extinction of the species of the previous eras? Wouldn't they have been able to last until our days, transforming itself by adaptation?

(27) This famous evolution, which would be an unlimited intelligence as it seem, would have been able to transform the living species during times and wouldn't have however been able to prevent the ageing of the species and individuals? Wouldn't it have been able to put an end to death? Is it because of this incapacity which blemish the extent of its enormous possibilities, that the evolution would have begun to elaborate this tremendous system of procreation within beings? If this is what you still believe, then tell me how come that not being able to prevent the disappearance of the species, it would have nevertheless been able to imagine such perfections in the procreation? Is it also necessary to hear that this evolution would be an entity having a purpose? What would it be exactly in your minds?

(28) The study of the eras shows in the certainty that plants, insects and animals were never others than what they were or are in their sort. Certainly, there were different species from those nowadays which disappeared for the reasons we saw, but no one was transformed. And the most recent ones, which appeared at the beginning of the quaternary or before, were formed such as we know them. It was the same for men who, as vegetables and animals, appeared each in turn, and such as they are on the continents where existed their elements of life. The entire second part of the book is indeed the formal proof.

(29) Thus exclude the evolution of the species lauded by the scientists, because it is them who evolve in the unconsciousness! And refrain from believing that everything which has feathers is intended to fly. Because the ostriches or the penguins were by no means created to fly in the air, but to be on the ground for the ostriches and in the water for the penguins. This is, because feathers aren't inevitably intended to make fly the creature. They can also serve for accumulating and for regulating the electromagnetic force, to give shade, to isolate from the heat or from the cold, or yet for relieving or for weighing more a being in the water where it moves. For the same reasons of diversity, we also find marine mammals and flying mammals, such dolphins or bats, which weren't conceived to live on the ground.

(30) Because they are always created according to the given living conditions, the beings which live in abyss or on mountains stay quite naturally in the environment where they were created and with which they make one. Not coming from somewhere else, their elements of life do not live elsewhere than where they live. And they stay there, because the creature cannot remove itself from its vital environment. That is why every living being is endowed with a constitution and with a metabolism which don't allow it to live somewhere else than within elements having served to create it. And it will always be like so, be convinced.

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