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Third part: the rules of existence


The elements of the creation

(1) Having explored the universe, we were able to study the Earth that we know well henceforth, because our progress within the activity of the matter put us in touch with the reality. We so observed the main part of the elements which constitute the worlds of the universe. And having defined the terrestrial eras, we got closer the most possible to the original birth of men. We saw that the principle of existence (which is the intake and the consumption of the force which creates and renews) obliges that humanity consists of so many men as women. We also know that we need water and its cycle which can be made only at the right distance of the Sun, and that the electromagnetic activity is also the unique force which brings information from above of all which exists in the universe, creating the breath of God.

The conditions of life and their fluctuations

(2) We know now that all warm celestial bodies produce water. And the atmospheric explosions showed us that the water thrown in the space by the stars which ignite stays partially on their planets. The Earth received, this way, a lot of water from the Sun which, itself, received in abundance from its mother star; and so forth. That is why a part of water that we drink and with which we are made of, was able to travel for a long time in the Galaxy before being added to the one produced by the Sun, which fertilized the Earth.

(3) The water is the only body which contains all the material elements of the existence, and which concentrates the information of the universe producing alive organisms. However, to these vital elements, that I call conditions of life, must be added the magnetosphere, the temperature of the ground, as well as the heat and the sunlight. The local climate and the seasons are also part of it, as well as the geographic situation, the relief and the irrigation of countries. To this, add the already created beings which enrich so much the elements by their presence and whose depends the existence of the following creatures. And all of this concerns the era and the moment of the era where everything differs from the previous moment. Hence the large diversity of beings and worlds which preceded us.

Variations and stabilization of life conditions
58 – Variations and stabilization of life conditions

(4) This new image of the comings and goings of the Earth, shows us once again how the previous worlds were. According to the movements, the life conditions of the species appeared, grew and became maximal; then declined, diminished and disappeared at the end of the favorable region. Beings appeared and disappeared likewise; because, their life conditions going away, they went away with them. It was like this right up to the secondary where, towards the end of this era, the arrival of the Moon interrupted for a moment all existence. In the tertiary, there is appearance and growth of life conditions, but this time they remain, because of the stabilization of the Earth which marks the beginning of the quaternary in which we are today.

(5) These essential elements from which beings find existence, were first of all insignificant in the PRECAMBRIAN which was the era in which the Earth became entirely covered with water by evolving for a long time in the solar cloud. There was only few light and few warm spots back then. That is why the waters produced only few rare species. In the PRIMARY, where lands emerged, the living conditions had developed considerably, as they did in the SECONDARY, then more in the TERTIARY, and even more in the QUATERNARY where they reached the apogee, at the top of the fact that they can be currently. There was thus no regression but progression and enrichment of life conditions until now, and creations of consequent worlds.

(6) In the PRIMARY, let’s notice on the figure that the living conditions began to appear fist at the equator, which was the first part exposed to the solar heat, and they then extended to the poles due to the movement of the planet. It’s obvious that they disappear at the poles in last, because of the solar heat which didn't stop growing at the end of this era. So, the luxuriant vegetation and the beings appeared in the first place to the equator, then on all the both hemispheres, up to the poles where they died in last.

(7) In the SECONDARY the movement was inverted, because the Earth went out warm from its stay near the Sun. The new conditions of life and the corresponding beings thus appeared firstly at the poles, which remained for a long time without any ice, and not at the equator where the solar heat was too much high. That is why the reptiles (the dinosaurs) of this era were able to get closer to the equator as a last, when the Earth was sufficiently cooled; what means at the second period of the secondary and just before the arrival of the Moon. For these reasons, we shall notice that the fossils of dinosaurs appear little or not, in the equatorial regions. On the other hand and as we said it, at the time of the interception of the Moon, they were in the period of their extinction. Many of them had already disappeared.

(8) In the TERTIARY, the movement of species occurrence was reversed again relative to the previous era, because the Earth went out cold from the last period of major glaciations. Beings reappeared necessarily at the equator, (like in the primary) then gradually in all latitudes by going to the polar regions where the ice cap was declining from year to year. In this tertiary era, the conditions of life didn't disappear. Instead, they continued to grow healthier thanks to the stabilization of the Earth which took place at the end of this era. This stability was the beginning of the QUATERNARY, the conducive era to the conditions of humain life. And men were created.

The beings created in response

(9) After the mineral (which was the formation of the Earth) comes the vegetable, then the animal, and then ultimately the human being for whom everything is prepared. For it goes without saying that the conditions of life of beings appear before they are created in response. One indeed can imagine herbivores, for example, appear before the vegetation on which they feed, otherwise they would have had to eat stones for a while... The men also had to wait for their turn to be formed in the order of the creation, which can't be changed. This order is that of the kingdoms that were in the eras, and shown by the snake.

(10) We know now that terrestrial beings aren't marine beings who once came out from the sea, but it's the water alone which did it and watered all the lands emerged through rains. So it formed streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, marshes and all wet land conducive to life. That is why, with minerals, the water produced the marine beings on one side and terrestrial beings on the other side. Each species was formed according to its era, in its environment, and according to what there was. None of them were formed from scratch, nor with what didn't exist... they were all born from the water and in answer to what existed at their time and what the Earth offered generously along with the Sun.

(11) Came first the environment, then the creature which became one with it. And we can observe today that the end of the precambrian, the end of the primary, the end of the secondary, as well as the arrival of the Moon, was all unbridgeable dams for the existing beings. That is why these obstacles put in evidence the fact that the marine animals stayed in their environment, they didn't come out of sea to go to the dry land being transformed gradually in time, as the scientists of the darkness are supporting with their theory of evolution!

(12) Indeed, in order that aquatic animals amphibians come out of the sea, would they not have had the desire to do so? Why thus would these beings have had the desire to live in open air, in a foreign environment which was perfectly hostile to them and for which they weren't conceived? Can we imagine that it was like so? Nobody can. Nevertheless, it is these natural changes which are taught to the children! But when we ignore that it is the planets which activate and make stars shine, and that the Earth have made its comings and goings in front of the Sun, we better hide and we keep quiet. We say nothing.

(13) The water brought by the solar cloud was necessarily fresh water. This water then gradually became salted on dorsals during two hundred thousand years of volcanic eruptions, dissolutions of the mineral bodies, and electromagnetic activity producing salts by electrolysis. What allows us to say that marine animals were at first beings of fresh water, then brackish water and lastly salt water. In the primary, the reeds, the insects living on the water or in the water, water lilies, frogs, snakes and fishes of the ponds of this time, also had to be in edge of ocean...

(14) By observing the comings and goings, we see that the composition of the atmosphere, the climate, the seasons, as well as the duration of the years differed throughout an era and from an era to the other one. That is why creatures formed with the ingredients of these times carried big differences in size. Depending on the duration of revolution of the Earth around the Sun, they were probably big and slow on the large orbits, small and fast on the small orbits. Things we can imagine by looking at the snake. So, in the same era, the conditions of existence which changed year by year and from century to century created an always different world.

(15) Also, because beings created in reply were formed with what existed at their time, they were naturally adapted to elements composing the environment from which they arose. Then, as long as these elements at the origin of their existence lived, creatures could live. But as the Earth moved and as these elements diminished and disappeared as a consequence, the corresponding creatures disappeared with them. We understand, indeed, that by having not the power to design and to create themselves, beings can't incline the power to adapt themselves to elements which aren't a part of sources of their existence. This, and what we have already seen besides, shows obviously that there has never been an evolution of the species by transformation of their body in the time.

(16) But besides the fact that the species appeared and disappeared at different periods, why was there a variety of the botanical and animal species in a single era? For example, when the conditions of life became ten under such latitude, a corresponding creature of ten appeared in reply. At this moment, the conditions of life became eleven, because the created species was part of it. This time, a species of eleven was formed in reply and a little different from the previous one which lived. The first species didn't thus become the second, and this last one didn't erase the previous one which always had its reason for being. A variety of species then took place. Because every new species enriched the conditions of life by its presence, by obliging an elaboration always bigger of the recently created species and, until man is formed.

The renewal of the species

(17) When the Earth entered in a period of extinction of the species, it is the first emerged ones which went away first. This because the new conditions of life to which they didn't correspond weakened them and made them gradually sterile. It is what we call the ageing of a species until its extinction. Because whatever is the creature, this one is a finished body which, as we have already explained it, can't change to adapt itself to conditions of life which aren't its any more.

(18) What shows, once more, that no species cannot adapt itself or evolve by being transformed, otherwise there would be obviously no ageing of the species. What, however, doesn't get in the quaternary where the Earth stabilized, and where the conditions of life aren't threatened with disappearance, if it isn't by a handful bunch of darkness men which want to change everything at their image, or which made all perish for some money. So that the world doesn't be lost forever, it is pressing that it stops, because the snake indicates us that there will not be anymore creations of species. Indeed, we are not any more at the time of the original creation of the world (this one being formed and finished), we are in the procreation time, which is its continuation.

(19) If however we find fossils of the same species in the primary, the secondary and the tertiary, don't imagine that this species went from an era to another, because it was impossible as we saw it. If we find this species three times, it is because it appeared three times, from conditions of life approximately the same. It can be the case for ferns, for insects, for invertebrates, for fishes, or for certain reptiles which existed in the secondary as they exist today, because it is about organisms or about simple beings.

(20) I say that in the increasing complexity of eras, what is simple always exists and not what is more elaborated. To grasp it well, let's imagine the conditions of life were at most fifty in the precambrian, one hundred in the primary, two hundred in the secondary, four hundred in the tertiary, and became eight hundred in the quaternary, because of their progressive enrichment. We notice that a being of ten can find existence in all eras, because in these we always have the figure ten. That cannot happen for a creature of two hundred, because it couldn't find existence in the primary where the conditions of life didn't exceed one hundred.

The metabolism and the morphology

(21) By glancing through eras, we see that at the beginning of the secondary all the water was in atmosphere, and then a long period of deluge which returned the water on the ardent ground. In these days, since the poles devoid of ice till the equator, there was tremendous rains as the Earth will never know it again. This means flooding, brash torrents and the formation of the great lakes on all the continents, as well as all which is the result of such phenomena. Then, gradually, in this secondary era, our planet entered the region of the sky which allowed again the cycle of water necessary for life. But with the tremendous heat of the coat acquired near the Sun, that the rain reduced a little, the favorable conditions to the existence began necessarily to appear in ponds, lakes, marshes and other wet places, which were the only places of the secondary era which offered a little freshness.

(22) You shouldn't then wonder that the first reptiles (dinosaurs) were born first in these waters, and that they were endowed with a long neck and with a long tail like a pendulum to be able to feed on aquatic plants without drowning itself... Then came those which could live on the dry, because the climate had somewhat improved. Those creatures had necessarily a shell thicker and endowed with prominences necessary for the regulation of the internal temperature of their body. But, let's not go beyond the physical description of the beings from the previous worlds, because it takes us away from the path. During the following days, you will interrogate yourself the snake in the sense of which I show these creations, by thinking constantly of the existing climate of that time and to all the changes. Then, with common sense, it will tell you all that I could say if I were sent on Earth only to speak about it.

(23) It is an obligation that all kinds of possible creatures exist, until the coming of the one which, being at the image of God, can understand everything and do everything. These appear on every earth of the sky, as they appeared on our Earth. We have just seen that the conditions of life are at the source of the beings which God creates. However these conditions of life determine more the metabolism (the inner activity) that the morphology which, is determined by the function of the creature. How to explain it? First of all, we understand that vegetables are formed at first with their insects and the other small animals which serve them; then the arrival of herbivores, insectivores, carnivores and omnivores which feed on everything. These creatures thus have to be able to, according to their needs of species, walk, run, jump up, fly, swim, crawl, hide and dig. Because, to live, also consists in benefiting from the ground, from the air, water and of their spaces, and to escape all the dangers.

(24) If thus, to remain, a definite being needs to fly, swim, walk, scratch, run; either still to jump, crawl, dig, stun, gather nectar, to hide, get light, or to practise the mimetism, it cannot arrive in the living world without having a body and a morphology corresponding to these capacities or functions, otherwise how would it remain? If it transformed itself during centuries and centuries, could it change species and after passing by moments of between-speces devoid of its vital capacities, and during this moments it would be constantly in danger? Have we found fossils of between-species: these always missing links in the mind of the scientists?

(25) Listen to me rather, because I explain here that it isn't the members of the horse which adapted themselves to the race, because, it must run to escape its predators and to serve man, the Creator gave to the horse the members that was necessary to it. Likewise, the flying beings didn't adapt themselves to the flight, but were created with wings to fly. To adapt itself to something, don't you think that this thing should have existed beforehand? Where thus were hidden the race and the flight, so that rudimentary beings would discover them one day and adapt themselves to it by transforming?

(26) No, it isn't the way we must observe Nature. It is the environment which determines what has to be the creation of God, considering its function in the world. That is why no beings can't have the faculties to adapt themselves to what didn't create it and what would necessarily be hostile to it. For these reasons, the fish was always fish, the horse was always horse, a bird was always a bird. All the beings appeared such as they are in their natural environment where they live. A being can however go away to live in extreme conditions of life for it, but for a while only, otherwise it will eventually disappear. Don't expect thus to catch feathers if you strongly wish to fly in the airs, or scales if you wish to live in the water, because it won't happen, even if from time to get up until it's bedtime you don't stop feigning flying or swimming...

(27) The snake which spoke to Eve, and which expresses itself very well today in front of all, shows how were the previous conditions of life at the origin of the human beings. Observe it and interrogate it, it will answer you in the detail. I only speak about what is essential so that you stay in the way. In this essential part, we notice that species which preceded are never the ancestors of those who succeed. That is why you shouldn't say anymore that the flying reptiles of the secondary are the ancestors of birds, because we understand that they were only their predecessors. Having for function to fly, these beings, as birds or bats, were provided with wings from their creation. If there was evolution of beings by transformation of their body, there would be necessarily continual loss of their function by inaptitude and impossibility for them to live. Even a child conceives this.

(28) A living being is always a perfect body and necessarily adapted to the environment which is used for its creation and to its preservation. Consequently, a being is always complete and not in perpetual way of disappearing! Do you understand this? Besides, when a species appeared under such latitude and in open air for example, it appeared everywhere under this latitude and around the Earth. It didn't appear in a single place of which it went away to occupy all the continents. No, every man saint of mind understands that there were no species of spices which appeared one day to such place, on a continent, and which spread then on whole Earth; because all the species were formed in their kind, on all the continents, and at their time.

(29) As we have just explained it, species sometimes carry differences between them, because the conditions of life which gave birth to them couldn't be absolutely identical in all countries. We can't imagine two particles strictly similar in the unlimited universe, how thus could we find similar creatures of a species on every continent?

(30) The variety is the greatest wealth of the universe and its foundation. We also find it among specimens of a species appeared at its time, under such or such latitude. If however we find beings more or less similar on several continents, you shouldn't conclude, such as do the scholars, that all continents were gathered in a single joining, which they call PANGEA, and from it they derived afterward by taking each their piece of land… because we saw that there is an impossibility of continental drift.


(31) Lets remember that elements at the origin of the living beings were constantly variable in the era, by the movements of the Earth and the changes in temperature which are also the cause of the emergence of continents and forming of the relief. The snake also indicates us that there was appearance and disappearance of the worlds, but that the current world isn't threatened with disappearance if it isn't by the intense destruction of the conditions of life which takes place in these days. It is those who reign who are responsible for it, because they don't succeed in grasping that human beings have to live such as they are on Earth and in their just numbers, so that man can himself live. God is alive and perfect, and his creatures are of such perfections at the top of which we always find men! That is why the destroyer cannot live much longer. His stay in the world is finished. He has to go away.

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